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ChelseaJayhawk 10 years, 5 months ago

"Perhaps you should find contentment with the fact that the song is played and most all people stop what they are doing when it is played. Why is that not enough? What is it about certain people's makeup that need to be so strict and severe about a song, not only for themselves, but everybody around them?

Instead of contentment and compassion there is an attitude of righteousness about something that is clearly political in nature. If you start adding concepts to the song as being sacred then you are veering off into an idolatry that I will never participate in nor do I want it pressured upon me or anyone else."

Well said BTW, you seem like a very tolerant and loving person, I found it hard trying to say anything familiar to what you just said, without causing offense and being subjected to moral condemnation. Respect for recognising the true value of people, a sporting event (which brings meaning and fun to peoples lives), and the real freedom to be who you are that Americans claim to stand for. Well you do stand for it, and you just stood for it alone in the face of great opposition.

Idolatry is spot on, I was saddend to see the extreme nature of the comments on here. A great nation and a great people would not just allow freedom but would find joy in the freedom of self expression. Wouldnt it be nice if everyone could sing it in their own way, and knowone else would tell them what to do, or take offence or put you down. That is real freedom.

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