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Jayhawks win OT thriller at Texas, ending KU football's 13-year Big 12 road losing streak

AWESOME!!! Big congrats to the team. Hopefully this carries over to next week.

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Texas prep OL Armaj Adams-Reed joins KU football's 2020 class

For the past two decades K-state has been pummeling us with 2 & 3 star players sprinkled with a few 4 stars here and there. The difference has been coaching. Snyder even stated he quit focusing to recruit 4 and 5 star players because he couldn't get them and costed him time to get the players they could coach up. I have no issues them recruiting 2 and 3 star players as long as they can coach them up.

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KU's offense comes alive to soar past Boston College for 48-24 win

What a great day to be a Jayhawk!

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach
Benton can probably answer better than I can but from what I can interpret from the reaction of the players I doubt we will have very many players leave KU. RCJH!

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Matt Tait: Forget the rest, Les Miles hire is KU's biggest victory in years

Hey Matt, can't WAIT(!) till you guys post you next KU Sports Hour Podcast over this. I hope it comes out sooner than later!

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

I agree Gary, but you have to admit something like this makes it very easy to get excited about Kansas football. While wins won't come for a year or two, there is tremendous upside in this and it will make it easier to get people out to memorial stadium even in year one.

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Quick recap: Kansas drops narrow decision to Kansas State

I am so tired of undisciplined,poor position playing as well as game prep/management. I am really looking forward 15 days from now!

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Jayhawks pummel Rutgers, 55-14

We still lost to a mid teen ranked FCS Team Nicholls State, never should have happened to a P5 conference team. IMO the verdict is still undecided on the wins over CMU and Rutgers. The litmus test is next weekend against Baylor do we get blown out, do we compete, do we compete and win? All these past two weeks have done is just turned down the heat on Beaty's seat. There is wayyyy too much football left in the year to be making any judgement calls about this coaching staff. I remember Terry Allen being able to get talent but couldn't coach that talent against stronger teams. With that said...great game and win for the boys in blue.....RCJH!

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Quick recap: KU football falls to Nicholls State in overtime

I think that firing HCDB now will accomplish nothing. My guess is that he will be given until the 1st conference game to see where we are headed. If we are winless by then then yeah he should be fired. I am not impressed by what I watched tonight. Our QB was sacked 6 times, as well as 3-4 mishandled snaps, stupid pass interference penalties at a crucial point in the game. In all honesty I don't think we will win a single game this year.

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