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Put it on the line: Coaches like look of offensive front

Whatever happened to Donnie Amani?

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Gridiron Club moving forward, but behind schedule

Just give it up everybody, it's hopeless.
There is no light in this dark tunnel....and there never will be. Because Lew is leading us into deeper and darker places. Fire Lew Perkins. How about that for a shirt Joe College.

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Four football preps commit to Kansas

Pretty sure Wheeler was 6'7"

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Gill adds Mitchell to KU football staff

So I'm either a genius, or a looser with way too much time on my hands lol but....Gill says by the 29th the staff should be set which leads me to assume that's cause some of those coaches will be in bowl games, as prowess mentioned above.
Well A&M has a bowl against Georgia on the 28th, their strength and conditioning coach Dave Kennedy graduated from Nebraska and is from Omaha. Also was on Nebraskas staff, his first year was in '82 which means Gill was a junior when Kennedy first started there. So there's 99% chance that Gill had somekind of relationship with him.
Anyway time will tell...if we get him I'm a genious, if we don't I need to get a life.

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Gill adds Mitchell to KU football staff

Great news, sounds like Gill wanted a big time coach to lead the way for his rush game that he's gonna make relevent here at KU. No more one dimentional offenses.
Hopefully coach Mitchell brings Mason-like discipline with him. Lord knows we're gonna need it for the Jauque Crawfords of the world. Discipline is my biggest concern to this point, or should I say, lack there of.

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Which coach is the best fit for KU? (Spodcasters)

Tommy Tubberville! Yes! Yes! Yes!!

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Ole Miss official: Kansas hasn't inquired about Rebels coach Nutt

MNHawk, you're right, he's not a great recruiter, Darren mcfadden, and Felix jones are overrated. He's not a good coach either, he's a three time SEC coach of the year for nothing. The last two years beat the two teams that won the national championship.

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Warinner candidate for Akron head coaching job, when a HC gets fired, so does his staff. Bowen was the only carry-over from Terry Allen.

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Ole Miss official: Kansas hasn't inquired about Rebels coach Nutt

Dream come true! Make this happen Lew, nothing could be better.

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Two successors stand above the rest to replace Kansas coach Mark Mangino

I want Tubberville, or Fulmer, but whatever you do, Lew, don't get an NFL guy. For those of you that want an NFL guy...have you not yet noticed, they don't translate to college ball.

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