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Bill Self denies Marcus Smart’s net talk

One name....Joe Derosa

Check out our losses this year and who was the ref. Coincidence or interesting? He's also the guy that called the technical at ISU, Texas, and 3 in the Villanova game. He used to ref NBA games but threw a ball at a fan and was suspended. He did the crazy ending in the NCAA tourney against Ohio St as well. I'll bet he does the game at WV. Yikes.

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New video board at Memorial Stadium to be ready for spring events

Put the old one between the flag poles on the north end of the stadium. That would be awesome!!

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‘This is terrible’

One thing this game exposes is that no underclassmen should leave for the NBA. Cole and Xavier should both return for another year.

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KU football adds cornerback, defensive end

Geneo Grissom can go sit on the bench on yet another over hyped OU football team or play at Kansas.......Hmmm, must not be a bright kid.

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Gill announces full coaching staff

Hope that K-Stater is not abusive. Seems to be the pattern with anything out of Manhattan.

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Texas Tech suspends Leach; university will investigate coach's treatment of player

All these K-S-Uck coaches under Synder are abusive. Mangino, Leach, and Lovett...who is next......

Glad these guys are all going down. Won't be long and Patterson will be in trouble.

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How Keegan voted — Dec. 28 college basketball poll

Keegan's always been a joke. You've got to lose to lose the top spot. It is a shame that he thinks Texas should overtake Kansas. The game will be decided soon enough.

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Turner Gill moves quickly to put new coaching team together

Where do I buy a 30 year ticket to the Gridiron Club? I look forward to KU football Buffalo style. Hopefully Lew will be gone soon. I'm ready to send this joke of an AD back to the Big East where football is king.

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Kevin Kietzman wrong again ?

This 14 day policy was created by KSUck administrators so they could hide the secret contracts and shuffle money under the table to themsleves before the new guy gets hired. That is why Kietzman is so familiar with this policy.

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