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Perry Ellis honored for community service

Outstanding Perry! You've learned by now that you get more blessings with every service! What a great kid to have as a part of our program! I just visited the campus this week and re-read the statue. When asked about his favorite team, Phog said, "I'll have to wait 25 years to answer that to see how they contribute to society."

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Self sees quick clock

Aaron and Harlan - There lies the terrible catch 22 with the game right now. We're usually more talented until we get to tourney time. Do we want to be fast paced and entertaining (like the Warriors & the Tar Heels) or do we want to punch you in the mouth (like the Cavs & UConn)? There was nothing more beautiful than watching Kirk and Co. break out of a made hoop and score 5 seconds later. Then a bad night shooting against Syracuse and the dream was over. Same thing happened against AZ with the most talented bunch we've ever had. Not sure if you can do both...

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KU’s Mykhailiuk getting stronger

What an awesome pic! This is what it's all about! Svi will be very good in the league someday. The question, as with all these 5 stars is will he be really good for KU? I'm rooting for him!

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New arrivals: Rookies Bragg, Vick busy at camp

Cleveland to Minneapolis is banishment?

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Column: Former KU center cooks up business

Congratulations Dylan! Hope your business issues are all because of great growth!!

Great article on a true student athlete who took full advantage of ALL his gifts!

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KU basketball earns NCAA Academic Performance Program Public Recognition Award

Agree 100% Suzi. It seems this is the stuff in the shadows of college basketball today (per this being only the 2nd comment on this article!). I'm glad to see the LJWorld take a minute to write about it and congrats to Coach Self and all those on the staff whose job it is to help these student/athletes stay on task in areas that will serve them long after the lift in their legs is gone.

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ISU seen as strong challenger to Kansas

I particularly like the 26 straight NCAA appearances to go along with our Big12 streak! NOBODY is close to that one!

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Second chance: No. 2 seed KU headed to Omaha

Agree Doug! The comment on lack of fire, passion and leadership is WAY out of line. All the games we won to clinch and over the weekend were done with nothing BUT those characteristics. Not hitting shots from 3 and still just finding ways to score just enough. If we start hitting shots, the elite 8 is a great goal!

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Ellis practices, remains questionable

John, just what IS a comfortable lead with this team? Hunter is going to have a break out Tourney in KC! Wish I could be there!

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Column: Mickelson’s progress encouraging for Kansas

Anyone else looking for Hunter to have a Big12 tourney breakout similar to Perry's 2 years ago?

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