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KU plays waiting game

i dont know if i could handle meeting misery in the championship, too much excitment. i think i would overload before the game even started.

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Big Red menace: Collins rescues Jayhawks

i think one reason we didnt put on the full court blitz and and utilize the bench was cornells ability to shoot. we havent shown a full press all year and i dont see enough defence in our half court sets to suggest a veteran team like cornell wouldnt zip up the court and drain unguarded threes.

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Big Red menace: Collins rescues Jayhawks

i thing tonight was a tremndous indicator of just what kind of team we have. tonight was the perfect storm. ive seen many games like this before, we have a lid on the basket, they have a player get red hot from deep, and its a smaller school gaining confidence the longer they hang around. in the past these are the games we lose. i could sense another loss coming like a freight train but we overcame the adversity and won. i honestly think that games dont come any tougher than tonight and we showed we can win those too. what i guess im getting at is some may say this game indicates weakness but i see the opposite i shous how tremendously strong we are.

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How Keegan voted

just the little issue of nebraska sitting a notch ahead of ku. but im a homer and i would give ku a firstplace vote every time. . . and probably not be on the comitte long

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Bears impressed by Kansas QB

unc is a classy program hats off to them great people great atitude

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MU ready to move past disappointments

every time that game comes up i think about how all the mizzou fans took the loss and the rest of the day is roses.

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Dugan Arnett’s KU football notebook

could it be possible meier has a drop off in his production? if he switches to full time reciever because he is no longer involved with the quarterback position so he doesnt get the benefit of knowing exactly what the quarterbacks are thinking

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Kansas recruit excels in Vegas

i love hearing about our guys that already wear thier ku gear proudly even before they make it on campus.

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Winning North realistic for KU football

woops 2011 schedule

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Winning North realistic for KU football

so maybe i read it wrong before but i didnt see ou or texas on the schedule.

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