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Notebook: Les Miles will wait to watch the film on QB Carter Stanley

Since the coaching staff stopped calling for Stanley to pass, one has to assume that it’s time to move on to another quarterback. No way to run the ball even with a good offensive line if the opponent knows what’s coming.

If he does change quarterbacks, it better be to a mobile one with the Big 12 season on the horizon.

I’m concerned that Miles is still stuck in the old offense that got him fired at LSU. We’ll find out soon enough whether he’s a dinosaur or can make the changes necessary to at least make the offense entertaining.

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Quick recap: KU suffers 12-7 loss to Coastal Carolina

The coaching staff might have been able to take some of the pressure off Stanley by letting him throw on first or second down. They seemed to believe that they could pop Williams free for a big one if they kept jamming him into the line often enough. Third and fourth down makes it do or die for the kid at quarterback.

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Quick recap: KU suffers 12-7 loss to Coastal Carolina

Miles may have just lost most of next year’s recruits with that display. I was really convinced that this year would be different. Is there such a thing as coaching dementia?

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KU hires former Kings strength coach to replace Andrea Hudy

Wow. Talk about landing on your feet. Self looks like he found the real deal with this guy.

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'Hopefully it’s a new era': Les Miles instills hope in KU fan base after decade of losing

I’m a bit worried that based on the comments from fans that there is not a realization of the level of patience and support needed to turn the program around. Four wins this year and bowl eligibility next year would qualify Miles as the second coming.

Two to three wins while playing competitive football and holding on to the majority of the recruiting class currently on verbal commitment would be fantastic. Fans need to be able to stand behind that type of success this year.

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Departing KU strength coach Andrea Hudy: 'Kansas means the world to me'

As would be expected, everyone is dancing around the question as to whether the reorg was a factor or not. It’s certainly possible that this was going to happen regardless. One of her protégés was already at Texas.

During my decades in management, I always looked at the departure of an employee, even a great one, as an opportunity to bring in fresh blood with new skills and approaches. While I hate to see Hudy leave, there’s no reason to not look at this transition in the same way.

I wish Hudy good but limited success in Austin.

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Longtime KU basketball strength coach Andrea Hudy leaving Kansas

I assume that the decision to reorganize came from the top. Hopefully some reporters will be asking Girod and Long whether they anticipated the change resulting in the loss of some good people.

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KU's Thomas MacVittie ranked last among Big 12 quarterbacks by Pro Football Focus

In my view, there are way too many “raters” out there in print and on the radio or TV. What they do is so artificial and theoretical that it’s pretty worthless to pay any attention to.

Hopefully MacVittie will do well. I actually think Stanley is a gamer and could be counted on to lead the team. Based on the performance of some QB’s after transferring from KU, it appears that the past problem at the QB slot may not have been the players but the coaches. It does remain to be seen if Miles is the answer.

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Former Jayhawk Dedric Lawson reportedly joining the San Antonio Spurs; McLemore on the move, too

I certainly wish Lawson all the best in his pursuit of an NBA career but it doesn’t appear to me that knowing how to play the game is a significant roadblock standing in his way. Lack of athleticism seems to be the issue and how do you learn that? Maybe a heck of a lot of weightlifting to build the bulk to be a force under the hoop. Good luck, Dedric.

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Over/under win totals released, KU projected to finish last in Big 12

Sports prognosticators will never be able to call the turnaround of a program like Kansas ahead of time. None of them would ever have the guts to buck historical trends. It’s much easier to pile on with some clever trash talk like Connelly.

We Kansas fans have to hope that this group of coaches will be able to develop a bunch of overachievers and perhaps reach that stretch goal of four wins in the coming season.

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