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Benton Smith: Jayhawks focusing on positives while bracing for bizarre March Madness

The players should feel blessed if March Madness can make it all of the way to the championship game with the empty arena plan. All it will take is one player or one coach coming down with and testing positive for the Coronavirus and the whole thing will be canceled. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

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NCAA announces upcoming basketball tournaments will be played without fans in attendance

I’m not sure why some government officials are specifically targeting inside events. Spectators at football and other outdoor events are crammed into spaces that certainly violate the 6 foot separation guidance. Plus the wind at outdoor events would be expected to spread the mist from coughing and sneezing over a wider field. Life has changed until they develop an effective vaccine.

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Former Jayhawk Sam Cunliffe helps Evansville knock off No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

I always liked Cunliffe. Never could figure out why he ended up in Self’s doghouse. Happy about his success and getting that special text from his old coach.

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4-star big man Gethro Muscadin picks Kansas

I like the fact that the coaching staff is not just targeting the 5 star one and dones. Logic tells me that those are the players whose decisions will be heavily impacted by the NCAA investigation. Players who are looking to develop over 3-4 years won’t be as worried about potential post season bans or a suspension of Self as a kid with a one year time horizon.

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Snoop Dogg says KU shouldn't be surprised by his Allen Fieldhouse show

Much ado about nothing. Was there even an outpouring of concern that motivated an apology? “Radio friendly” means nothing overtly offensive would be said but does not cover visual props such as dance poles or money guns. However those items appear in a lot of mainstream productions.

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KU denies open records request seeking more information about NCAA allegations

I’m not real impressed with the legal expertise being relied on by the KU Athletic Department. I assume the same expert gave the okay to admit that the Adidas rep was a booster back during the de Silva appeal.

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Analysis: Understanding what matters and what doesn't in the NCAA's case against KU

KU coaches’ conversations with Adidas employees should be strictly limited to apparel colors and nothing more. There’s no legitimate reason for a recruit’s name to even come up in such a conversation. Obviously names were discussed based on the evidence presented at trial.

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KU officials confirm they have received notice of NCAA violations; will 'fiercely dispute' charges

What’s been surprising to me from the beginning is that Self would even get mixed up with these Adidas knuckleheads. These are some slimy dudes operating in the dark. It seems unlikely that Self or KU will turn out to be pure as the driven snow once all is brought to light.

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Notebook: Kick-catch interference proves pivotal in narrow loss

What is the reason for not allowing assistant coaches and coordinators to be interviewed?

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KU's offense should attempt more deep passes to avoid stacked boxes

I would add the caveat to allow the quarterback to pass on first or second down as well. Not sure if this is backed by any stats but we sure seemed to be stuck in a rut of two short run plays before trying to pass.

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