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Football recruits, count the rings

K-State's stadium is a hole in the ground in the middle of a pasture just downwind from the dairy barns. Don't see how anyone could think that's better than Memorial Stadium.

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Cliff's Notes version: Bill Self press conference, 3/23/2010

Coach needs to watch the tape and take a good, long look at himself. His facial expressions were those of a frightened little boy. And chewing his fingernails on national TV. Oh, please. He needs to look in the mirror and ask the same question he asked Morris during the Lehigh game, "How soft are you?"

How do you inspire confidence and energy when you look terrified? So, so disappointed in a coach I've loved.

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Free throws didn't cost Kansas the 2003 NCAA championship: A convincing argument

If you want someone to blame for 2003, try Dean Smith and North Carolina who announced their coaching vacancy the weekend before the Final Four. I was in New Orleans, and all media and pretty much everyone else was focused on one thing--will Roy leave?

Don't you think that distraction might have been worth 4 points?

Dean Smith could have held that announcement until the day AFTER his alma mater played for the championship.

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Orange Bowl ticket sales limp toward finish

West Palm Beach is another good flight alternative and much closer than Tampa. There are also much cheaper hotels in Miami Beach close to the Fontainbleau.

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Ticket turmoil

rockchalkjayhawk81: Please tell me that you're not a KU student or alum. If you are, you obviously slept in the mornings they taught, oh, spelling, math, grammar and logic. You're likely one of those wonderful fans on the east side in the student section who disappear at halftime to stumble off to some bar and forget to come back. Can't even spell "Muck Fizzou?" Oh my.

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Mayer: K-Staters aren't so bad

Of course lots of K-State grads moved to Lawrence. Isn't it everyone's goal to better themselves in life? And by the way, K-State provides more transfer students to KU than any other KS institution except JOCO Comm Coll.

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Bye week banter (Spodcasters)

How about replacing any desired obscenity in a chant with "Perkins". Like..."Bull-Perkins". Or "Perk Mizzou".

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Mayer: Another KU legend passes

Great article!

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Mayer: Riggins colorful character

These kinds of articles are why Mayer is so important to KU coverage. You've got to understand the past before you can begin to appreciate the traditions that have created the present.

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Mayer: KU-MU moved before

Did any of you actually go to the last Arrowhead experiment? I gave it a chance. It was hard to see the game for all the aisles clogged constantly with drunks either headed to the bathroom or trying to balance yet more beers on the way back to their seats. People puking in the aisles. Tailgating on concrete with flat pastureland as a back-drop. Two hours stuck in the parking lot just trying to get to one of the exits.

Oh yeah, and the result? A loss to an OU team we could have beaten in a true HOME game.

KU home games belong at home!

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