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KU football coaching search takes steps forward

If I'm the AD these I'm calling Ed Warinner, Jim Harbaugh, Willie Fritz, Jim McElwain,Ruffin McNeil, Phillip Montgomery, and Mark Hudspeth

Jake Spavital would be awfully young at 29 and unproven but I would consider trying to bring him in as the OC. He's from Oklahoma, is the A&M OC, and coached under Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia. Wouldn't have much of a chance to get him away from Texas A&M unless he got the HC position.

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Latest KU football injury news as unfair as it gets

Tait knows these guys and said he feels bad for both. Only natural to feel a little bit more emotion for a guy that has been around for five years instead of three.

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Column: Tharpe's time as KU's starting point guard may be over

Tharpe is the worst defender of the three. Meant to put that in there. Trying to be optimistic.

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Column: Tharpe's time as KU's starting point guard may be over

Tharpe does not deserve to start next year but it is certainly possible that he earns it next year. Yes, he was a junior but as a first time starter at an elite program and the pressure that comes along with that, there are going to be growing pains. He was never the best player on his high school teams and was recruited as an insurance policy. I still support him but needs to reset in the summer.

Mason has the handle and other than his reckless drives to the basket he took care of the ball reasonably well. You could tell that he was focused and never was there an issue of poor effort. Tough, gritty, explosive and has the potential to be a good defender and shoot 35% from three.

Frankamp did what was needed to facilitate the offense. Not flashy or a great athlete but Hudy can help a little in that department. Possesses the 40-45% three point shot that we have lacked since Reed, Morningstar, and Teahan departed. Underrated scorer and ball handler.
Below average defender but not because of fundamentals. Mickelson, Alexander, and the possible return of Embiid will help the guards.

Need to Improve to Win Starting Job:
Tharpe: Confidence. Ability is there but needs to stay even keel. With more time on the floor we have been able to dissect his game and his flaws are most obvious in the mental department.

Mason: Be quick but don't hurry. I think he has the best potential of the three but rushes play of the game too often.

Frankamp: Athleticism. Couldn't stay in front of guards and doesn't have the length to cover for his slow feet.

Tharpe - 40%
Mason - 30%
Frankamp - 25%
Selden or Graduate Transfer: 5%

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Column: Movie, hate-bill timing divine

Priests/pastors/rabbis/ etc. have the right to deny same sex couples if they are following their religious beliefs. Likewise, same-sex couples have the right to marry in some form (government- separation of church and state). As a catholic, I believe my priest has the right to respectfully deny marriage. A homosexual can go to church and receive all but two sacraments. If a couple can legally marry in some capacity than that's a good compromise.

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Marcus Smart needs professional help

The 3 games they gave him sounds fair to me. Anywhere between 1-5 games would have been fine with me.

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Marcus Smart needs professional help

Fans are overly confident that the verbal abuses they aim at opposing players will just to be a distraction. Words that they would not say to this 18-23 old Division I athlete alone. Smart's decision to push the guy was not Smart but I can hardly blame him for pushing the guy. I don't think he needs "professional" help but deserves some respect for showing some restraint. That guy won't be checking in to a hospital because he got pushed. Not a big deal. Smart deserves a 1 game suspension and Texas Tech needs to make sure that that guy doesn't get seats that close to the court.

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Seven different QBs have started at least one game for Kansas football since Todd Reesing exhausted his eligibility. Which of Reesing's seven successors — listed in chronological order based on date of first start — has been the best so far?

I still believe a Kale Pick would have been a solid or even above average Big 12 quarterback had he been fortunate enough to start in Mangino's system. We saw glimpses of what he could do as a redshirt freshman in slop time. Granted it was scrub time but I wouldn't have believed he would start just one game at QB. Bad break for Kale and KU.

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Wide receiver Nick Harwell at top of deep pool of KU football red-shirt talent

Great positive article to start the best day of the week. I sure hope that at least half of those guys have solid careers.

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