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Surprise visit makes Jayhawk fan’s day

Proud to have Ellis as a member of the Jayhawk family!

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SMU's Howard officially named assistant coach at KU

Just wondering why Coach Self wouldn't have hired Doc for this position since he was already on staff and a great X & O's coach. As I understand it, Doc is also a good recruiter. He's also one of the good guys in college basketball. Anyone have some insight on this?

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How former Jayhawks fared in Feb. 12 NBA games


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Travis Releford impresses Bill Self, takes top honor

Would someone show KY how to shoot a layup!!

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Sights and sounds from KU's stellar day on the recruiting trail

Thanks! The main reason for my question....Jenkins-Moore. I thought I read in Keegan's article the other day that he would be a January arrival and plays with Combs, but I've heard nothing about him today??

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Sights and sounds from KU's stellar day on the recruiting trail

In order for a Juco player to sign now, does he need to be a mid year grad? Just wondering about the other Juco players not signing today?

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Navarro Junior College offensive lineman Zach Fondal becomes latest to pick KU football

Starting to steamroll......welcome Zach!!!

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KU running back James Sims says NFL can wait

I would like to see an article on the incoming recruits and how they fared during their high school/jr college season. Please share if anyone has this information.

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KU football coach Charlie Weis uses 'window dressing' to keep KU's running game humming

I, like probably a lot of others, had too many expectations for this team. We were hungry....we wanted to win. However, with that being said, I truly think HCCW has done an excellent job...I love the team we've become and think the best is ahead of us. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!

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