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Texas prep receiver Hunt de-commits from Kansas

No. They do not.

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Former KU star Paul Pierce signs to retire a Celtic

Glad you fixed that before the grammar police called you out on it!

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Tom Keegan: Look for some changes now that Bill Self has been elected president

Pathetic attempt at journalism but what would you expect from today's media.

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KU's Self takes over as NABC president

Don't go to six fouls! It just rewards the guys who foul. Learn to play without fouling. Also, it is six fouls in the NBA because they play 48 minutes not 40.
Don't do away with the automatic tournament bids. It makes it more exciting for the small schools although they should figure out a way to not give so many bids to big conferences so more mid-majors who get upset in their conference tournament could still make it to the big dance.
I like the rest of your suggestions, just asking you to compromise with my slight changes.
Good list.

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KU coach Bill Self says Dwight Coleby is considering his future at Kansas

Drew Gooden as stated in the article.

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Tom Keegan: Seven original KU recruits plus seven transfers equals one talented roster

I will go with Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown You'd Better Take Care!

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Former KU QB Montell Cozart transferring to Boise State

He will definitely have a better offense around him so he has a much better chance for success.
I wish him nothing but the best of luck going forward.

Now lets get the Jayhawk football program going so it is as attractive as Boise State. GO KU!

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Recruiting heats up for 2018 hoops prospects

“When I was young, I was told this was going to come with the life I chose,” he said. “So I'm just enjoying the process.”
-Williamson, a 6-6, 230-pound, 5-star small forward from Spartanburg, S.C.

Like he is sooo old now. Maybe he meant when he was younger. He is still young.

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Bill Self's first Kansas NBA All-Star will be . . .

I like the thought but the picture doesn't fit the comment.

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