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Opinion: Mangino staffers keep on winning

Ethan, Good point, but on the field they sure played like they loved him.

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Opinion: Mangino staffers keep on winning

Not a KU fan, but do not pull against them. Grew up all over the Midwest so I tend to follow coaches in the Big 10- Big 12. If I like the coach, then I follow the program.

I really enjoyed watching Mangino develop a respectable program. Attended games, watched practices, even dodged a errant chicken wing during a commercial break at Coach Mangino's weekly radio show.

Kansas has been a historic haven for football coaches successful efforts in making chicken salad out of xxxxxxx. If Mangino makes a successful return as a coach elsewhere, we have two local fellows ripe for a Hollywood feature movie. Coach M's life story is as fascinating as K-State Snyder's.

I would love to see him return sometime for some type of award.

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

Not a huge KU fan, but really am enjoying the Charlie Weis time.

KU looked like a football team yesterday. Some folks should realize how far this team has moved in a year.

Bill Snyder can recruit. He uses the Manhattan as a tool, especially with parents concerned over what type of character their child will be at the end of his college career. Very powerful tool when you see all the troubles SEC have regarding players getting into significant trouble. Big mistake underestimating Snyder.

BTW.....if you haven't seen Manhattan lately take the drive, you will be amazed at the growth. Booming town, fun place to be young.

Commercial airline flights in much closer than we have here too.

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