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Opinion: Dayne Crist can still help KU

CardHawk beat me to it. I was just about to say, to be fair to Dayne, his passes Saturday were fine. The receivers couldn't catch them despite the ball hitting them in both hands.

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

Editors: Please fix the caption. Date of game is not correct.

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Receiver Tre Parmalee commits to KU football

This is a VERY solid pick up. No, Tre doesn't have elite speed, but he's got high FB IQ and has got great hands. Don't be fooled, he's for real.

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Early optimism natural

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QB Brock Berglund won’t suit up for KU

This piece is rubbish.

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Boogaard died of alcohol, oxycodone

His commitment to community was undeniable. Rest in peace!

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Recruits DeAndre Daniels, Jamari Traylor and Trevor Lacey to pick schools Wednesday

Wait, when did Daniels opt for Oregon over Duke?

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

Editor, FYI --

This is the third year Obama has chosen an NCAA Tournament bracket with ESPN. He correctly chosen North Carolina as the winner in 2009, but was incorrect in his choice of Kansas last year.

He correctly chosen? There shouldn't be a comma in that sentence either.

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