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Awaiting the power towels (Spodcasters)

Hey Greene, a buddy of mine and I managed to get 30 power towels from the KSU athletic department and we would be willing to give up one for the spodcasters. Let me know where to drop it by.

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Kansas recruiting class reaches equilibrium

I have to agree with walkdog. Mangino is going into his 6 season and has done nothing in the last 3 years that is making you hopeful of the future. The bowl win was nice but when you get put with the 3rd best team in C-USA without a defense it isn't a real game. Mangino needs to get at least 8 wins this year to keep his job. With the big 3 looming in 08 and 09 i want to know that this team is still moving in the right direction.

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KU gave ex-coach six-figure severance

It's not often that i think about the KU women actually having potential, but Hendrickson has gotten a class of freshman that are starting to mature. If you look at the stats these freshman, other than Kelly Kohn, are just starting to play and impact a game. The only thing that KU Women's hoops can do is to look forward. If they keep working and improving as they have they will win and then they can build for next season.

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Spodcasters: Border War debate (Spodcasters)

Great points on about the move to KC, but there seems to be to be a big a problem with the plan. Neither of these teams have been playing at a high level in quite a while and it doesn't seem to be getting much better.
We are talking that if Mangino doesn't go to a bowl game this year that we might buy out his contract and find a new head coach. Also if MU hadn't won at home against KU people were talking about firing Pinkel. Neither of these schools are moving in the right direction and if the trend continues both of these programs could be in for new head coaches, which doesn't bode well for T.V. or for the rivalry.
As much as i would like to see KU vs. MU matter. I just don't see it coming to fruition. Great show, and ready for some hoops talk.

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Basketball season? (Spodcasters)

Great show!!(even better because The Drive wasn't mentioned). I think that the hawks are done if they lose this week to Baylor. It seems to me that almost every team in the Big XII can throw the ball when they have to. So the idea that if we play a run dominate team doesn't mean that they won't pass. With the secondary looking like swiss cheese i think every team will go to the air and make us shut down the pass. I hope the Hawks can do it this week, because if they don't it is over.

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Battling the Bayou (Spodcasters)

Good spodcast. It's great to be back and hearing the sounds of KU football talk. One thing that i noticed during the game and i wasn't sure about was that at times it seemed that KU wasn't being more physical on the O-Line and that they were just playing with NWS. I know that it was the first game and that after a while you don't try quite as hard when you are up by 21 but it seemed that they weren't fully ready for the length of the game. My guess is that they will be fine but that they need to keep the pressure up.

I don't know why i feel the need to give a final score but i think that it will be KU 39 LMU 17.

Great show and looking forward to next one.

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Media Day Madness (Spodcasters)

Great Spodcast! Even though there isn't much to talk about it is good to get and update on what is going on in the off season.

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KU Shocked Again (Spodcasters)

Great job this year to everybody that did the spodcast, even DJ. I had never been so happy to find this on the internet i hope that you all will keep doing the great work that you do for us spodbackers.

As for my predictions for next year i see KU winning 27 games and Big XII champions again. I don't see them winning the National Championship, the only reason for that is because i have wanted them to win it ever since i could cheer and they haven't won it (only being two when KU won in 88 i don't think that would count). So i want this KU team to prove me wrong. PLEASE prove me wrong.

When i saw that Huggins was going to be the new head coach at KSU i about cried, not out of saddness but out of joy. KU's Big XII schedual might acctually be tougher to deal with now. This gives our guys a better chance to test themselves and gives us the fans a better measuring stick to see if our team can match up against the other top teams.

For how the spodcasters should spend their time i would really try to get interviews going. Even if it the wrong time of year for the sport, trying to get an interview with KU football players and coaches is always a plus. Basketball is always good and i would start talking about what you would change about the college games in all sports. Hope you all have a great time and i will sure be tunning in for the next spodcast.

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Video: Max Falkenstien honored at halftime on Senior Night

Being somebody that want's to get into spots journalism, I look up to people like Max to see how the job is supposed to be done. I wish Max the best and hope someday that i can do what he has done.

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MAXimum Emotion (Spodcasters)

Now i haven't had a whole lot of experience with the Sr. speeches, but one thing that stand out in my mind is Jacque Vaughn's speech. It is one of my favorite speeches ever on Sr. night. He was a great speaker and made the fan feel special for being there with him at KU. One of my all time favorite Jayhawks as well, too bad his game couldn't transpher over to the NBA.
As for point game pick's I have KU over CU by 15 and then KU over KSU by 3 64-61
Nic Pearce, Lawrence, KS
Lawrence Free State Class of '05

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