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Top-10 big man Matthew Hurt chooses Duke

Heck, Roy has McD's coming off his bench. His recruits usually stay 3 years. I'm tired of the late recruits. Many, for KU, have been busts or trouble.

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Jayhawks demolished by Red Raiders in worst conference loss under Bill Self

Almost reminiscent of Self's teams when playing TT when Knight was there. Really bad losses.

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Jayhawks' locker room a reflection of just how big Monday's road win at TCU really was

I wasn't able to watch the game. How ugly was it? I see that 3 KU players fouled out???? Were walk-ons playing? Nice job from Dotson and Ochai but 6 turnovers is a bit high. What's Dotsons assist/turnover ratio?

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Benton Smith: Ochai Agbaji has become key player for KU after just 10 games

Can't hire a coach that lost to a #16 seed. No way.

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Game day breakdown: Kansas basketball at TCU

I'd imagine he'll be out for a few games. Last thing he doesn't need to do is make it worse. High-ankle sprains take some time to heal.

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Trials and tribulations piling up for Jayhawks this season

We're experiencing the tribulations right now. The trial part of it is still yet to come. Yikes!

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What Lagerald Vick's absence could mean for Kansas basketball

Past 2 years it was too many 3's. This year it's not enough.

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

Geez. It's just keeps on getting better and better for this team. I keed.

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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

I didn't say roster, I said nothing about our guards.I said "that" position which was referring to my original comment...bigs. Dok would be foolish to come back. And until he says he is, not counting on it. Mitch? Self basically has let Mitch know he's a bencher until all other options have been exhausted. And they are. When all else fail, go back and re-read what has been written. Go back to taking wedding photos, Jay.

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Jayhawks suffer 74-67 loss to Wildcats, snapping 8-game win streak in Sunflower Showdown

Who else does KU have wise guy? We're sooo stack at that position next year, aren't we? Think of the future, stop living in the past. And grow hell up when speaking to other adults. You act like a childish man-child.

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