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Here's how Charlie Weis' juco gamble is looking so far

Agree with you frm San Clemente. And we have the paradise thing cornered. Not Napa ;)

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Trio of Jayhawk freshmen projected atop NBA Draft

I plan to show up at a few of Stanley's home games with my three kids in full Jayhawk gear.

I have a Clippers Danny Manning jersey to show him as well!!

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Big 12 media days blog: Matt, Jesse provide their takeaways from Day 2 in Dallas

---Brown defended his defensive coaches, who took some fire a year ago: "They didn't just get stupid."---

No - they've been stupid for a long time! hahahahaha!!!!!

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McLemore struggles with shot in summer NBA debut

2 fouls and 2 boards from a triple double

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Tyshawn Taylor leads Nets in summer league loss

Looking forward to taking my little jayhawks to some mater dei games this winter.

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With eye on recruiting, Weis schedules future series with Hawaii

Looking forward to the 2017 game! I think I'll go to that one. I'm hoping they make it to the West coast more often too.

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With eye on recruiting, Weis schedules future series with Hawaii

Trust me. That's a long crappy work trip. It's no fun to be there and "on the clock" unless you can take some vaca before/after work is done.

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Here's what KU's 2013 basketball recruiting class would have looked like in previous years

That's the oldest looking 18/19 yr old i've ever seen (Oden)

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KU offense rich with skill, but will the blocks be there?

Great analysis Tom - THANKS!! Very good stuff!

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