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They said it ... about Tarik Black

When we all saw the schedule for next season with the team we 'had' I think there were many among us - myself included - who thought there may be some potential slaughters coming. Now this makes HCBS and the scheduling team look like they knew something the rest of us didn't! Black's addition gives us such a balanced attack with our blossoming PG No Fear Naadir, two slashing drivers in Wiggens and Seldon, a 3-point specialist in CFrank and now another inside space-maker in Black.
What an arsenal! Rock Chalk!

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

And the Beak goes on!!

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Shot star, Kevin Young to hold cube-off at Kansas Relays

I have never seen a starter with such a ready smile as KY! He could really bring the energy of the team and all of AFH to new heights just with his energy on the floor and that beaming smile when he finished a play. I will miss him tremendously! That kind of energy will hopefully be rewarded with a sweet opportunity to impress this summer -- and then maybe a cushy overseas gig for the Fall. Rock Chalk, Kevin! You'll always be the favorite of many Jayhawks!

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KU basketball notebook: KU-Syracuse recalled; Scot Pollard kills it

Because of that game....had we beat them, I'm sure I'd be just fine with it.
'Melo could start the worlds greatest charity, helping a billion kids and that would not erase the bad taste in my mouth that lingers since that game.
I'm a Jayhawk, daggone it...

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

Ya, but that's what Rex Walters said when he left Northwestern to come to KU, too! Much better than saying, 'Northwestern sux and KU doesn't'.

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Right - just as hard as it was this year...oh, wait, no, that's not correct....troll. At least you have a lot of free time woowoo, now that watching even mediocre basketball is no longer an option. KU plays at 9:50EST Friday if you want to see what the other team that was in the NC last year is up to....

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

I don't recall EJ being so irresponsible with the ball. Granted, this year there is no TT to rely on, but EJ has to set the tone and make wise decisions that lead to buckets, not transition buckets for the opponent.
And it is contagious, as Nadir and Ben have shown.
I was happy to see AW3 get some PT in front of his family, but if he wants to spend less time in the HCBS Doghouse, he has to value the rock!

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Swagger State: No. 11 Wildcats enter Showdown on a roll

Ya, that's a pay channel - Season Ticket or something. If you have just a normal subscription we have to hope one of our brethren posts a link here, as per normal.
Help us out, brother 'Hawks!

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Swagger State: No. 11 Wildcats enter Showdown on a roll

Dish will only have it on their normal subscription if they choose to pick up Altitude2. This is why we all need Sling boxes on our friends TV's in Kansas!

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