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Udoka Azubuike injury shifts focus even more to the status of KU sophomore Silvio De Sousa

I too have feelings De Sousa will never put on a KU uniform. Personally it is only a short matter of time before he takes the Billy Preston route and heads out of town to prepare for the draft.
My concern now is who we have and that is who we should focus on and boy we should be concerned!
Vick our lone senior is not a leader, in fact, he may be the worst possible leader to have. Not vocal, not setting a good example for younger players on and off the court. Pouting, disappearing in games, 7 turnovers in a limited role. But he is the best 3 pt. threat so he has to play. How does BS create a lead by example 4 year player that has never showed the ability to lead?
Take out Vick we are shooting 29% from 3. Insert Vick that is not motivated or focused we are in trouble.
D Lawson - he will find a way to get a double/double hopefully stays out of foul trouble and healthy.
D Dotson - will improve and develop into a 2nd team maybe 1st team all conference pt guard, but will face some 20 + year old guards in this league that will show his youth.
Q Grimes - on an up tick but could have another bad stretch of no defense or miss a few shots and disappear again.
M Garrett - great defender can drive a little but whoever is guarding him will sag off and mess up the flow for drives and mess with lawson in the post. Can not shoot anything but a layup. 18% from 3, come on.
C Moore - loose cannon shows glimpses of being a great backup but always comes in and jacks up a shot 3 secs after he checks or misses defensive assignments/switches etc.
M Lightfoot - In all the years I have been watching KU basketball (since D Mannings Freshman year) I have never seen a coach have a quicker hook on a player in my life. Mitch's uniform could be tucked in wrong and he is getting yelled at and sat on the bench. Had NEVER been able to play through any mistakes his entire career. What is scary he may never be allowed to.
D McCormack - love his motor game needs to slow down for him but I hope BS doesn't Lightfoot his playing time this year he needs playing time Bill!
KJ Lawson - A guy that may never be a factor in a KU uniform. Size is an issue not big enough to guard a post up 4/5 and not quick enough to defend the 1 2 or 3. I don't see anything more than a player that is a career 7, 8, 9 off the bench 10 minutes a game guy.
O Agbaji - BS may be regretting redshirting this young man. Would have been curious to see his development. Taking Moore's minutes 5'10 vs 6'5" Ochai how would this team look then. May have found a player. But will have to wait and see.
I know I am harsh on the players esp. Vick but if not for a couple hot shooting nights from Vick we are easily be 8 - 6. Can the team plan on 30 pt Vick or even 15pt Vick. If we get 0 - 6pt Vick we are in trouble.
If Bill Self wins 15 straight with this team....Start building the Statue March 10!!

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

I hope your right! Just reading the what louisville got and how each of us are all in on 14, it would be devastating for a $2700 loan to a parent of a 1 and done might ruin the streak.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Just heard on 810 loan came 2 years after EJ graduated might be ok!

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

Well this could get interesting!!

JJ played last season (16-17) are we going to vacate the conference championship last year?

14 in a row??


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Report: KU basketball player Lagerald Vick investigated in 2015 on allegations that he struck female student

Tony, I completely agree!! I was talking to my buddies, listening to post-game, weekly news conferences,,the outcome of the latest LV CB and McCarthy Hall stuff. Combine that with Tyler being a senior. The stress in his voice and body language. This maybe all this man can take. I hope we are both off are rockers but this amount of controversy has to way on him. I am not saying there is not stress and problems with an NBA team. All that is going on within the program, even though the only one that will probably criminal effect to players is CB.
Sadly he is probably weighing his options.

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Bill Self discusses incident at McCarthy Hall, previews Kentucky (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

At the 7:32 mark the female reporter asks a question concerning the KU basketball program, the university, or even Bill Self hiding information from the media. Within 50 secs and change, Bill Self got after her. I don't blame him in the least. I would love to see this on video! Watching her probably want to climb under table!

It truly amazes me how BS conducts himself with the entire basketball world wanting and wishing he would say something that would condemn himself, his players, the program, or the university. He is the man!

I have been a Jayhawk lifer for 30+ years and I used to post on this site many times. (positive and negative) With that being said, the short 20 minute glimpse in the life of what our coach has to endure is unbelievable. I hope that we all understand how blessed we are to have Bill Self running this program. He has to do a hell of lot more than just coach basketball.

And to the female reporter > You may want to rethink how you address our coach next time you ask him a question!

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Perry Ellis pens farewell letter to KU fans

Mr. Perry Ellis! You are the standard at which all young men should follow. Faith(x) Family(x) A Care and love for strangers(x) Amazing Student(x) One of the all-time greats to wear a Kansas uniform(x)

Thank you!!

My favorite quote > Now I was playing for something bigger than myself. I was playing for the kid who was sitting with his dad in the stands, hoping to one day be in my shoes. I was representing Kansas. This was my state. These were my people.

Now folks this is good stuff!!

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No. 3 Jayhawks smoked in road loss at Oklahoma State

It has been a while since I posted on here and I feel my opinion may just have some merit! Bill Self has created a absolute rotation disaster! This team has no: trust in each other, chemistry, fight, ability to play any type of face up man defense! I could go on forever. The point is BS has 4 guys Wayne frank perry and devonte that know there are "starters" then self has 8 other players that have no clue when how much or will they play at all. He has upperclassmen he feels he has to play Based on experience defensively or based on loyalty. Meanwhile the 4 starters every 3 minutes when self yanks them out he effs up the flow and the team chemistry. Ladies and gentlemen we have played this game and we all know that there is a "feel" during the game that your buddy you play 25+ minutes with will have your back on defense and be in the right spot on offense and not messing with the flow of the game because self just played someone their token 3 minutes! Bill Self please find a way to trim down your rotation now! This is by far the ugliest, heartless, unorganized brand of basketball I have seen in your time as coach.

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Bill Self says there's no news on Cliff Alexander situation as work-week begins

What other sports gives us goosebumps every time a game starts? Where else can u watch a game live "AFH" and get emotional because of the atmosphere? What other program/sport/0players would have dads high five their kids after every basket for the last 15 years all the while wearing the same KU clothes and always sitting in the same spots during every single game! I am sorry if KU basketball is within my family but it has been for 35+ years from my dad and now to my girls! I don't want to ruin a sport that brings my family together wether it is in AFH or in the Carlson living room!!

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Bill Self says there's no news on Cliff Alexander situation as work-week begins

Brett +1

College basketball has always been such an amazing game. From the difficult conference games, the great rivalries, March Madness, and now it is turned into ESPN showing a kid pick a hat! I love this game and love the University of Kansas it is just so hard to see what it is becoming.
Folks let us not forget this is about Students Athletes and Basketball. Our society, shoe company's, NCAA, AAU, and NBA is ruining the game.
Oh Robert thanks for your well thought out suggestion, I doubt my my paper work will make it to the Players Union.

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