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KU football playing to strengths in spring game

Reesing was definitely on my radar. I knew we would win the Colorado game as soon as we put him in. I announced it to everyone sitting around us, and in direct response to my pompous comments he went out and threw an interception on his first play. Lol

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A turn for the better: KU loses again, but shows gain

In a year like this where most of our "veterans" are sophomores like James Sims and Jordan Webb or former walk-ons like Stephen Johnson all I really want to see is improvement throughout the season.

It wasn't that long ago that nobody was singing the praises of a young Landry Jones.

I simply came in to this year knowing that I couldn't be too concerned with the scoreboard. Put together a couple more long offensive drives for scores, and you will likely have taken the time off the clock for Oklahoma to score on a couple of their drives.

The difference between an eventual blowout and a close game is often closer than most people think and if you just focus on the things that you can do to control your destiny the winning will take care of itself.

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KU football loses D-lineman John Williams

You're probably right. The football players should all put on tutus, perform a ballet on the field, then drink tea and eat crumpets on the fifty yard line while discussing the nature of the universe. That'll draw in the fans...

Did it ever occur to you that some of the people just watch this sport as a hobby and perhaps have other interests beyond football?

What a freakin' wienie. Go cry into your pink frilly pillow.

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KU football player Bradley McDougald booked into jail

I had to go to court today over a minor traffic violation that I forgot about and didn't get handled in time. Surprisingly nobody printed anything in the paper about it and nobody is giving me the third degree. Kinda glad I don't play football right now or I'd be in serious trouble.

He's a kid, it's a speeding ticket, move on.

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Boogaard family asks for donations

Ouch. It's rough losing a family member and to lose one so young is absolutely devastating. My heart goes out to Krysten and her family.

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

Most intelligent comment on this entire article.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence should realize that the balance between personal freedom and government guidance is what makes America a successful country.

Extreme right = Feudalism
Extreme left = Communism
Continuous quest for balance = America

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KU football player Chris Omigie arrested on DUI

I don't think I'll be taking sage advice from anyone named "buttsauce" any time soon.

Seriously man....buttsauce...what the hell kind of name is that?

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It’s Border War week: KU’s Turner Gill, Missouri’s Gary Pinkel well aware of rivalry’s history, bitterness

They also had to replace the flags for us a few years ago because their football team puposely took a different route to make sure to trample over them as they entered the field. Not to mention the incident with their team ripping down the goal posts at Memorial.

It's just classless stuff like this that let's everyone know who the good guy is in this rivalry. I expect an occassional fan to do something stupid and classless, but for their program to allow their players to conduct themselves with a complete lack of class is taking it to a whole new level.

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Bradley McDougald shows promise at safety for KU football

This isn't a matter of the coaches "putting the guys in the right positions", it's a matter of keeping promises that were made by the last coaching staff. McDougald was recruited with the promise of playing offense and the coaches were doing what they could to allow that to happen.

As much as we'd all like to think that players are just chess pieces that can be moved around at will the truth is that they are actually real human beings. I think we can all see now why the last coaching staff moved Beshears and Patterson to the defensive side of the ball last year. Their speed and quickness is badly needed on that side of the ball. The problem is that neither of them really want to play on that side of the ball, so neither of them is likely to put their true heart and soul into it. We all saw last year exactly what happened when you simply dropped these 2 players in a position that they didn't want to play. 2 great athletes suddenly looked very ordinary.

The comments from Truefan above are very true and do a good job of describing the mentality of this staff. We have 2 players in this next class that are equals in athleticism with Beshears and Patterson, but these guys are being recruited to play defense from the start. Chris Robinson and Adonis Saunders are easily the best players on their respective high school teams, and I wouldn't be surprised to see one or both of them be an immediate impact player.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at the video of Adonis Saunders (fastest player in Kansas) vs. Darrian Miller (all time leading rusher in this history of Missouri football) from the summer camps on the Shiver. It's fun to watch and shows the kind of speed that we haven't had for quite some time here. Saunders runs step for step in a sprint with Miller with his head turned around backwards as if looking for the ball.

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Bradley McDougald shows promise at safety for KU football

It's nice to finally be able to talk football again. Most of the flamers and trolls have already made up their mind, given up, and slowed down on their posting so the rest of us can have a conversation.

In hindsight I think most people now have a much more realistic view on what the real talent level of this team is currently. There are definitely some playmakers, but a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and this team definitely has some weak links.

It seems like that was the biggest problem with the last staff. They would get talented players, but year after year their recruiting classes would have gaping holes that had to be filled with whoever was left at the end of the year. For the most part so far this staff has done a good job of filling the obvious gaps, though admittedly I'm a bit concerned at this point with the lack of defensive line recruits as we definitely need a significant improvement in that area if we are going to be any better next year. Luckily Opurum has helped and we have a couple more D ends that are redshirting right now that might pan out ok.

All in all I think we're finally starting to see the small signs of improvement that we've all been crying out for all year. The miscues and penalties have reduced dramatically, holes are being filled with the best available candidates (even if it's not the best natural fit), and the players are buying in and playing hard. The results on the field still aren't what you're ultimately looking for, but making continuous steps in the right direction will eventually get you there.

I think this move of McDougald to safety could be a major improvement. To me he looks like kind of a tweener as a receiver. He's got speed, but he's not the long ball threat, he can make cuts, but is a bit too tall to make them faster than the average defensive back, and doesn't seem to have quite the knack for finding the hole in the zone that a guy like Kerry Meier did. So he's not bad at anything, but he doesn't really have a strong point that he can hang his hat on.

McDougald has more of a solid and all around athletic body that is much more similar to Darrel Stuckey than a Briscoe or Meier. His overall athleticism should allow him to move in any direction. The best safeties have to have enough speed to cover, enough strength to tackle, and be smart enough to read a QB's eyes. So the general athleticism that is actually somewhat of a weakness as a receiver, could be a strength as a safety.

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