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Jayhawks move up to No. 2 in latest AP poll

Duke nearly loses 2 games in a row and they're the unanimous #1 team. That's funny.

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Kansas football problems run deeper than size of Big 12 conference

When Gill was fired, no one wanted this job. I believe he tried to get a good coach to take the reins, but was turned down by virtually everyone. Desperate to at LEAST make a hire that would reignite the fan base that had totally lost faith in Gill, Weis was really the only guy he could find that was interested in taking over the program, and had the potential of being good. The guy knew football, so everyone thought, which is more than we could say for Gill.

The Beaty hire is a better hire as it was done more by committee and was not rushed. The Weis hire, frankly, should have been done that way, but I think Zenger was surprised at how difficult it was to find someone interested in this job at that point in time.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

Florida State is undefeated. They deserve for that reason alone. It is very difficult to go undefeated regardless of SOS.

The Big 12 is reaping what they've sewn in only having 10 teams and no championship game. As a basketball fan, I love the round robin, but that is about the only positive. It hurts in football in that takes away an easy nonconference game we could schedule, as well as the lack of championship game.

Look for the Big 12 to add 2 more teams in the next few years. $$$ is what it is ALL about, and the conference just lost out on a lot of it. They won't want that to happen again, even if it means adding two crappy schools that excite no one to get to 12.

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KU gets its coach

Yeah Gill was supposedly a great recruiter, too.

Everyone was excited about Weis bringing 5* QBs with him to Lawrence.
The problem is neither of those guys could develop players. Players didn't improve like they did under Mangino.

Beaty's success or failure will ride on whether he and his staff can develop and coach-up the players they recruit. That he worked under Gill and, hence, has Turner Gill slime on him, makes me very skeptical of this hire.

The administration at KU always makes this harder than it has to be. When Gill was fired, everyone wanted Mike Leach. But we inexplicably got Weis.

Then Weis is fired, we pay a guy $50,000 to do a thorough search, only to end up with the guy that supposedly Zenger had "wanted" since KU lost to Texas (according to another article on this site). $50,000 for absolutely nothing. That would pay off my mortgage, and KU pisses it away because there really was no "search" at all. Only a series of contrived steps, a means to an end, to hire Beaty. Not to mention the majority of the fanbase had one man in mind, Ed Warriner. Of course, Zenger is smarter than all of us (like last time), and tried to reinvent the wheel, again.

Beaty might well end up being a fine coach. But the slime from Turner Gill never comes off, and it's unfortunate the KU fan base never gets what it wants and craves in football.

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KU basketball press conference notes: Jan. 10

Haha... "Being from Kansas, with two Kansas schools playing, he gets a little fired up, but he tries to take every game the same."

Perry Ellis and "fired up" are funny together. Dude is so laid back.

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Embiid's stock rising

I think Embiid will be back. Frankly, his family is rich and doesn't need $$, and he's been doing research on bigs and how long they've stayed in college. He's finding successful bigs like Tim Duncan stayed in school a few years. We won't have him 4, but we'll have him 2, IMO.

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The Day After: Oklahoma

We'll be playing a KSUck team Saturday that is statistically far better than we are defensively. I am glad round one is in Lawrence. If we had to play them in Mancrappie tomorrow, I wouldn't like our chances.

Bruce Weber will thrive with Frank Martin's juniors and seniors this year and possibly next. Then, like Illinois, we will see a true Bruce Weber team in year 4. Remember, he didn't get to the title game at Illinois until year 2. Year 3 he started 15-0. By year 6 of the Weber tenure, Illinois finished 13-18 and 5-13 in the Big 10. It's a damn's coming. :)

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Getting to know OU

Gonna be a tough game. Not sure our team is quite "there" yet, although it's coming. Don't throw in the towel if we lose tonight, fans. Bill Self's young teams typically shine in February and March.

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In case you missed it: KU coach Charlie Weis joined Keith Olbermann to break down national title game

How can one not be an Olbermann fan? Is it a politics thing?

Maybe I'm partial to him because I "grew up" with him in the 80s and early 90s. To me, it's good to have a familiar, funny guy doing sports highlights again.

As for the Weis interview, the only thing I thought sounded kind of bad was his opening question...."What are you doing here? Don't you have something else to do??" Asked in jest, I know....but it sounded a bit rude.

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KU football to play Illinois in 2023, 2024

I gotta say, on the surface this sounds exciting. But when I think about it for 10 seconds, I ask myself, "why??"

We should be adopting the Bill Snyder/Mark Mangino theory on nonconference scheduling; easy division 1 opponents that are essentially automatic wins. 3 of those per season to open the year 3-0, then use the Big 12 to try and get the other 3-4 wins for bowl eligibility.

The negatives far outweigh the positives in scheduling tough nonconference opponents in football. We don't need it, we play in the Big 12. And we certainly don't need to be doing it until we are a solid team, if and when.

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