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Ex-KU football coach David Beaty to subpoena ESPN for ‘Miles to Go’ footage, contracts

You act like this is some national story that everyone is following— it’s not. Contract disputes happen all the time. This is not embarrassing the KU athletic department.

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4-star prep LB Brennon Scott decommits from KU football

Hard to believe that we are going to pull the offer from a 4 Star recruit? That would certainly be fodder for competitors.

January 8, 2020 at 1:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

Why is no one reporting how much the ESPN+ deal with the Big 12 has cost KU by packaging KU’s Tier 3 media rights in the deal.

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KU Men's Basketball - All-Decade Team

I tried to predict the team before reading and I matched four of the starters. I had Perry Ellis instead of Josh Jackson. I imagine we are looking at players who had the most impact while at KU and not take into account what happened in a player’s professional career. I am surprised at how many one and done players were on the roster. Jackson was most impactful in my view. Wiggins and Embiid have become great NBA players and played at KU the same year which was probably the most disappoining year in the decade except for last year.

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Shane Jackson: Kansas still has long way to go following lopsided loss to No. 11 Baylor

2 of the 3 wins easily could have been losses.

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Game Day Breakdown - KU football at Iowa State

Are KU's special teams really better than ISU's?

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A quick look at Overreaction Wednesday and what it means for Kansas basketball

As hyped as the Champions Classic is, we need to remember that it is November basketball, and this game borders on irrelevance in March.

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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Good points even though this is not a trial and there will be ample time for the NCAA to pick apart any refutation that KU provides but the point of not wanted to discuss the specifics through the media is valid. Perhaps a statement from the university less flippant than “it’s your job if you want to believe it or not." would be more appropriate,

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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Some of you act as if the media, especially the local media should be a cheerleader. It would seem that if KU put out a blanket or general statement, it is a reporter’s responsibility to do more than quote a university press release and to get more detail to verify the statement.

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'He's a stud': QB Carter Stanley and KU's offense regroup to beat Tech

There were at least 20,000 empty seats because the official attendance was 31,000 and the seating capacity is about 51,000. The 31,000 was probably tickets sold and you have to assume that not everyone who bought a ticket showed up. The stadium looked about half full on TV

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