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Toughness Title: Stellar second half leads Kansas past North Carolina 72-69 for program's sixth national championship

This is what it’s all about. I just can’t believe it. We did it.

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Notebook: Kick-catch interference proves pivotal in narrow loss

Both calls, in my opinion, are horrible. I try to be balanced with my criticism of refs. But never in my entire life have I seen that call on an onside kick. Ever. And if that rule exists, that the player must have a chance to field the ball, then that player had as much of a chance as any player in the history of onside kicks. That is the most horrific call I have ever seen. And also, I’m totally ok with Les making that decision. He trusts his guys. They did what they needed to do. The refs robbed them.

The pass interference call was also atrocious. The on air commentary saying he got there “early” is so dumb. If he is there early, it’s by a half second. And you need to let that go. That’s a 50/50 call at the very least and a no call at most. This crew was pitiful. And I would dare say robbed us of a win.

Most years, the refs were the least of our worries in terms of things that went wrong. This was awful, however. Just a horrible job all around.

Still, this game is completely different if Carter doesn’t turn the ball over twice. The pick came on a pass that had his TE wide open with 10 yards of separation on the DB and NO ONE behind him yet Carter under throws him 5 yards and allows the DB to close the gap and pick it. That’s inexcusable. And that was I believe the third time Carter fumbled the ball in that manner. He has improved tremendously as a player but he needs to focus on pocket presence and when to protect the ball in the pocket. He has to feel that pressure by the D but he is too focused on making a play. Which, amongst all sins as a QB is the least concerning fault to have, but it did help WVU to win.

As I said in an earlier comment:

We belonged. And that’s a start.


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Quick Recap: KU football falls to West Virginia 29-24 in Big 12 opener

We belonged. And that’s a start.

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Despite Pooka Williams' return, KU's offense stagnant in loss to Coastal Carolina

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Former Kansas guard Quentin Grimes headed to Houston, reportedly seeking immediate eligibility

I don't think you all have heard who are suspicious of this whole transfer or blame Q, but the reason he is leaving is he got feedback that said he needed to be playing PG to make it in the NBA. He obviously will not be playing PG as long as Dotson is here. So he had to do what he had to do. Him not playing PG is probably a contributing factor as to why he wasn't playing well here. Playing off the ball when you are a PG totally messes up a player's rhythm in a game. Good for Q getting to a place that I believe is a great fit.

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KU target R.J. Hampton reportedly moves up timeline for college decision

Are we all pretty certain Grimes is gone for good? If not, I am curious how much room we will have for him if he returns. If we get RJ and the grad transfer from Arkansas Little Rock.

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KU target R.J. Hampton, at Nike EYBL event, says he has nothing left to prove in high school

Big yikes, talking about a 17 year old kid this way. I think they need to cut you off at whatever bar you're commenting from.

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Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike to return for senior season

This is about as big as a return as we have ever had. Probably second behind only Brandon Rush. We needed him back BADLY. Now if we get back Dotson and Grimes, the stage will be set. We just need to land a couple more recruits and you are looking at a potential No.1 preseason team ( not that it matters at all, see 2019).

And if we can get the NCAA to overturn their De Sousa suspension, we are rolling with talent. CMON DOTSON AND GRIMES!!

If only KJ stayed. Could have been a great piece next year. Tho Dedric was for sure gone.

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Rick Ross officially set to perform at KU football's spring game

I just want you all to know if you don’t know, (maybe some of the older fellas here) Les Miles is the GOAT for this. This guy is pulling out all the stops. So excited for next year.

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Quick recap: Kansas dismantles Northeastern, advances to Round of 32

Clearly outclassed Northeastern. They just didn’t have the fuel necessary to run with us. Plain and simple.

Auburn is gonna play D and they are physical and they are gonna score in bunches. I suppose the biggest motivation is to get back to KC.

I would be incredibly proud to see this team get to the Sweet 16 and prove doubters wrong. Rock Chalk.

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