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A little more on why KU football moved its first 2 games of 2021 to Friday nights

It stinks for the fans who refuse in principal to pay-per-view.

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Kansas basketball lands commitment from Iowa State transfer Jalen Coleman-Lands

This is no reflection on Mr. Coleman-Lands (welcome aboard!), but I can't fathom, yet, what Senior Night will and should be moving forward, assuming careers are rarely four-year players commencing their careers as a Jayhawk. Will seem odd for us old-timer purists.

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KU hoops adds preferred walk-on from San Diego

How about sending him to Boschee's program for a year for minutes and polish his shooting, then transfer here.

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Reports: Danny Manning to join Mark Turgeon's coaching staff at Maryland

Unless you were on the inside I think anything one could imagine would only be speculative ignorance.

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Where things stand with the KU football coaching search now that KU AD Travis Goff is off and running

I'm hoping for incremental improvement. It's still a young team. If you've read a prior article you've noticed someone has us having the Third toughest schedule in the country. In fact, I believe it was the top 15 toughest schedules were laden with Big 12 teams.

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Three takeaways from Travis Goff's introductory press conference

So now we have an AD in his destination job, a basketball coach in his destination job, now we need a football coach for his destination job. Good luck to all!

When our current young football Interim Head Coach interviews, if he doesn't include a thesis on clock and time-outs management, we better move on now. Those were game management situations that were the first red flags that Coach Beatty was in over his head. I'd be happy as a Jaylark if he happens to turn out to be our man and a success, and I trust our new AD to have the good judgement to determine such a positive outcome.

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KU assistant Jerrance Howard leaving Kansas to join Chris Beard at Texas

The natural progression would be to bring back Mr. Danny Manning!

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KU names Northwestern Deputy AD Travis Goff new athletic director

Rid us of ESPN+ pay-per-view in local markets and I'll fully support him.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self signs lifetime contract extension with KU

If the NCAA had a mascot it would be the Albatross. Until their Albatross is removed from around our necks we have to work smart to build as best we can considering the competition. To me this negotiation reinvigorates our support that the current investigations are bogus #2-droppings, and a needle in the Albatross' eye.

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KU lands commitment from 3-time Division II All-American Cam Martin

Well said Shannon, Steve, and Jonathan,

If you happen to have insight into the Reinsurance marketplace/game, IMO his roster position will be a fruitful policy/premium. This guy got game. His speed is relative to his size and weight. I can only hope and support that it translates to Div I. His former and new coaches have made such actuarial modeling analysis, and I trust them.

Unfortunately we have to listen to the opinions of the usual negative-Nellies who don’t get it. If the NCAA had a mascot it would be the Albatross. Until their Albatross is removed from around our necks we have to work smart to build as best we can considering the competition.

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