Hawkish4bigM 13 years, 7 months ago

Come on, guys. What can the man say? He is not going to even imply that they have a coaching problem on defense. And in the scheme of things we have to ask ourselves as KU fans if 7-5, 8-4, 6-6, 8-4, 9-3 type of seasons are good enough with 9-3 being a really good year. I think I already know the answer and that is that if KU had records like this year after year with an occasional dip below 500 that most everyone would be satisfied with KU football. Truth is I would be too. That is probably what we are going to get. It is unrealistic to think that we can build a top ten program. The smartest thing we can do is get a coach who is a good fit and keep him for a long, long time, 20 or more years. In this big picture we will get good but not great athletes, good but not great assistant coaches, and good but not great fan support. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I think there is a lot of truth to that. Eventually this coach and program will get better and better at recruiting better athletes, turning good ones into great ones, tutoring good assistants into great assistants and the program could legitimately be in the top 25 programs. I think that is a realistic goal and I think we have the man for the job. I think Coach M is the right man at the right time and in all likelihood this is what we will see. The best part is that the rotation of the Big 12 games will give us even more victories in some seasons. My biggest concern is the new hire at KSU and Nebraska's future under Pelini.

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