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Flourishing friendship

Great article gary,

These two are going to be solid cornerstones for KU in the next couple of years. EJ's athleticism and TR's rebounding and physicality are going to be huge this year! Anyone see either of these two starting later on in the year, or coming off the bench? I'd say coming off the bench, but at times last year we could have used someone with the incredible motor and will of Robinson.

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KU men's basketball schedule finalized

Well your probably right KUFan90. Considering they would have Cousins, Henry, and Wall, I'm not so sure we woulda won that game.

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KU men's basketball schedule finalized

Ok i cannot wait for the memphis Game . too bad cal wont be there to get it handed to him.

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Kansas recruit excels in Vegas


Totally agree on the recruiting rankings, man. Whats up with Xavier moving down in not only recruiting, but also NBA mock drafts... I know various NBA people think calipari can get guys ready for the league, but come on. Self's no scrub at sending players to the league.

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Jayhawks lacking minutes

I think this is nit picking a bit. Plus Aldrich, Collins, Morris, and Taylor were all a part of last years sweet sixteen team and Cole and Sherron were on the championship team. Thats plenty enough experience, not even counting the incredible talent, depth, and size problems this team will give other teams. We can go big with Aldrich Withey Morris Henry and taylor, we can go small and fast with Sherron, Tyshawn, EJ, Xavier and Morris, and go for defense with Cole, Robinson, Henry, morningstar and Sherron. Anyone who thinks we aren't the heavy favorites (sorry kentucky) is kidding them selves. rock chalk

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KU men's basketball has Big 12 schedule released

Good call Jayhawks09. I'm Liking this schedule, except at Texas will be our toughest game of the year. What trap games do you guys see? Maybe at Ok state???

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You be the coach: A statistical exercise

Keep up the good work Jesse. Also, love the jayhawk flashbacks, keep em comin!

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Jayhawk Flashback: Kansas State, 10/9/2004

Randle's run was unbelievable. He turned into superman on that play! Also I agree Swanson's pass to Simmons wouldn't have happened with Barman at QB

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Jayhawk Flashback: Texas, 1/27/03

NIck Collison was A BEAST in this game. Texas played as hard as they could, but as usual, came up short against a better kansas team. Also, all those students who rushed the floor were idiots. We should expect to beat anyone in the fieldhouse.

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Sherron Collins: Best KU guard ever?

Interesting topic... but difficult to say because of all the early departures to the NBA. Mario (imho) would be slightly higher than sherron had he stayed for his senior year. But how good could Tyshawn get if he stays four years? I doubt he will, but if he plays like he did on the USA team this year, look out.

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