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Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg losing sleep over KU; Bill Self as Wicked Witch of the West?

The writers and analysts for ESPN always mention KU for having the best intro video.

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Evan Manning relishes his first KU trey

Not much thought put into this, but I think Evan will contribute significant minutes by the time he reaches his 4th or 5th year of eligibility. I would love to see Evan model his game after Brady Morningstar's; calm, poised presence on the floor, doing all of the little things that a majority of fans don't notice.

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Bruins 'embarrassed' by showing against KU

It cannot be overstated the value of having a guy like Andrew White perform like this every once in a while. He will demand other team's attention at all times, giving greater space for our guards to penetrate, and posts to operate. Now if only Ellis would consider taking the 5-10 ft face up jumper every once in a while, hit a couple, and then return to the quick drive by defender. Establishing that jumper will give him more space to attack, leading to better shot opportunities and more trips to the foul line.

Last thing: Releford is really playing some inspired ball these last 2 games, particularly on defense. In addition to the rest of the guys on the team, we are going to have to have a big game out of him defensively against OSU because, although i don't believe he will start the game guarding him, Releford will be called upon to disrupt the offensive production of Deshaun Thomas. But of course one game at a time, so #24, bring that high level of play against the 8 legged freaks.

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Self, Jayhawks: There's nothing middling about mid-major Belmont

I have a feeling Withey won't be a factor in this game. History tells us that he struggles to find a role in games where he has atleast 3-4 inches on the opponent's big. Assuming we get good ball pressure from our guards/kev young, I believe Traylor and Ellis' production will determine the outcome. This feels like march like a game in March (i.e. the second round).

As for Smith, as long as he gels with the rest of the team, I would love to have him on the roster. If you are a big man and want to get the most out of your abilities, KU is most certainly the place, and if motivation is the only thing keeping this kid from getting playing time, then I would certainly try to attract him here. You cannot put a price on that type of size, especially from a player that has shown the ability to really be effective when motivated.

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Opinion: Dismal KU football season featured players and plays to celebrate

I knew it before I even started reading this, Pepper. I knew you couldn't post a comment without making a pointless snide comment.

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Opinion: Dayne Crist can still help KU


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FINAL: Late run pushes Michigan State to 67-64 victory over KU

I agree with most of your points, and particularly with #3. The offense is not efficient or very effective when withey is our first look offensively. Withey is not as much a threat with his back to the basket, as he is when he is the backside post waiting to make a play on the shot by Ellis. Whether its a put back, or just tipping a rebound out to one of our guards, he so much more effective playing opposite of another post player. As for Mclemore, anything that we can do to get him more involved in the game is going to be beneficial. Too often these guys that are uber athletic and capable of score from all over the court, disappear behind the 3 point line. Mclemore's "quite 14" points felt exactly like the 15 ppg that Xavier Henry averaged his 1 year here. Passive play from our guards will get us beat on multiple occasions this year.

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FINAL: Late run pushes Michigan State to 67-64 victory over KU

Did anyone pick up on why we were doubling their post players?! Not once did I see one of msu's bigs make an impressive basketball move. All that I witnessed on the few times we actually guarded them 1 on 1, msu's bigs just turned and tossed the ball up towards the rim, without making any sort of basketball move. I realize that you are going to give up a few baskets with this defense, but considering the # of times we gave up uncontested backside layups as a result of poor defensive rotation, I feel like it would've been much more beneficial to just play them straight up, so at least in the event of a miss we would've had position to get defensive rebounds.

2nd thing: Why is it that when other teams become dismal offensively, they simply go to the high ball screen for their best dribble drive guard(and it usually works), while our answer to dismal offense is to stand around and dribble into the short corner and then try and pass it out (never effective)? I've never understood why Bill refuses to utilize his ultra athletic guards with this (rather cheap offense in my opinion) by occasionally going to the high ball screen/dribble drive offense when things are looking stagnant. There is no doubt in my mind why MSU's guards were so much better than ours were in crunch time, because Izzo started running that high ball screen offense from the 12 min mark of the 2nd half, and his guards got into such a rhythm that by the end of the game they were confident and fearless coming off that screen.

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Cameroon center Joel Embiid to play basketball at KU

i'm right with you, even though I think its a little unfair to include him in with Moulye already. Although it is a generalization, it seems that these types of players usually have great footwork, but sub-par hands. Hopefully this staff is prepared for atleast 2-3 years of development with this kid.

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