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Clemence, Braun spark strong second-half for No. 8 Kansas in 71-69 home win over Oklahoma

Mallory, I agree. I don't understand his substitution patterns...not at all. Buy then again, I'm on my's that.

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Clemence, Braun spark strong second-half for No. 8 Kansas in 71-69 home win over Oklahoma

After the Iowa State game, HCBS said Yesufu obviously needs to play more. He got 4 minutes today.

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Recruiting Class of 2015 considered another strong one

I couldn't agree more guys and this years team makes it more obvious than last years. Our talent is on the wings and we are not using it. And the worst part is I think its becoming noticeable to people outside of KU as well. Our freshman are performing at a lower level than almost all other programs and throw in our supposedly OAD sophomore (Selden) its concerning what recruits are think about our program and its unwillingness to adjust to our talent.

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Ellis, Selden, Alexander make Naismith watch list

You really think Self is telling Selden to hold back? Personally, I think Selden is the least improved of all returning players. He is playing the 2, the SHOOTING GUARD. Sure its great to see him distribute, but when it comes down to it, his job is to score and from what ive seen, he cant do it. He can hit the occasional set shot but thats it. I cant recall ever seeing him beat his man off the dribble. If you watch, when he puts the ball down, he is always cut off by his man. It never requires the help defense to come. I think Svi should start playing more 2 and that way Oubre can get more minutes at the 3 because we need another perimeter scorer.

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Frankamp headed to Wichita State

Suzi...would Self have had to pull CF's scholarship to offer one to Forte?

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Self undecided on lineup for Rider

All are good points. I think Selfs offense is much more restrictive and I also think he causes them to "think " too much by yanking them out for every mistake. Alson UK does have experience at key positions, but if they had left for the NBA as expected, those positions would be filled with more freshman playing more minutes than our projected lottery picks. I for one would love to just turn Alexander loose and tell him..."do what u do".

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Self undecided on lineup for Rider

Why are UK's freshman able to figure things out and play immediately but our McDonald's All American and projected lottery picks cant or dont and play very 13mins? Where would you go to school if you were Jaylen Brown, Zimmerman, Rabb, Newman, etc?

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Graham injured shoulder vs. Kentucky; hasn't practiced

I love it Kristen. Totally agree with you. HCBS's unwillingness to change or adjust has hurt this team several times recently. I really hope he has a wake up call soon. KU was probably the easiest game UK will have all year and that is unacceptable.

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Late return fitting finish following KU’s loss to Kentucky

I agree with Andrew. At this point, our best hope is Oubre and/or Alexander develop into leaders. Oubre especially has all the right qualities. My hope for Selden is gone. He should have been so much better at this point than he is....if the hype was justified. Doesn't seem like it was now.

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Calipari: Waves of Wildcats wore KU down

Totally agree. Self's unwillingness to adjust has killed us several times. He has to change with the times and with his team. Especially needs to adjust during the game. Stanford and UK are perfect examples.

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