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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

KU has been one of the best teams in the NCAA all year long. They lost two games recently and all the sudden he thinks KU can't compete for a Big 12 or national title. That's the definition of a "fair-weather fan."

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Opinion: Setback as bad as it gets

Haha. Last year KU was 18-4 at this time and there were a lot of people like you questioning whether or not KU would win the Big 12 title. We did, and Bill Self masterfully coached our team into the Final Four. Count him out if you will, but shooting 30% from the field and 14% from three point land is going to spell a loss for almost every team. No amount of coaching can salvage that.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Pretty dark and scary! But completely off-base as well.

This team is still 19-3, atop the Big 12 standings, and ranked nationally in the Top 10. "C+ at most"??? Get outta here, fair weather fan.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not counting this team out because of two losses. I'm not counting this team out because we lost at home to Okie St. Statistically, those things are bound to happen, even to a powerhouse like KU. If Elijah shores up his PG play and the rest of the team actually makes some shots, this team is as good as any in the country.

Look at the stats. Shooting 30% from the field while only hitting 14% of your 3PT shots is going to spell a loss almost every time. TCU shot better than their average last night and KU shot far worse. KU deserved to lose that game.

But no way am I counting this team out. If you think Withey, Releford, BMac, Young and Elijah are going to lay down and die because of a loss to TCU, you're sorely mistaking. Rock Chalk.

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Opinion: Setback as bad as it gets

Wow, people. This is the kusports message board, right? I haven't somehow slipped over to the KSU page, have I?

Our team is 19-3 atop the Big 12 standings. This team beat Ohio St. on its home court. This team beat KSU on its home court. This team pulled out a heck of a win against a very strong ISU team. We've shown glimpses of greatness throughout the season. If you want to jump ship because of two bad losses, feel free. But I'm betting my money on history and tradition.

If you remember way back before the season started, everyone wondered how this team would bounce back after losing Tyshawn and Trob. Well, last year at this time we were 18-4 (and we lost the next game to Mizzou, making us 18-5). This year we're 19-3. Seems like we've done "okay" thus far. Lol.

The reason KU lost last night is because the team played worse than any team KU has put on the court in the past 10 years. If you think Bill Self all the sudden forgot how to prepare teams for games, you're an idiot. Look at how many turnovers KU had. Look at how many three pointers KU missed. This is partially on Bill Self, sure, but it's mainly on the players for not executing at all. Elijah is certainly not a true PG, but there's no excuse for the amount of turnovers he has this season. He simply has to play better.

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Opinion: Setback as bad as it gets

Hear, hear! KU has bad losses every year. This year we've had a couple in a row. The sky is not falling. The players just didn't show up at all last night. Bill Self will right the ship and have this team back up to snuff by March.

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Opinion: Andrew White waiting, learning

Instead of who?

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Statehouse Live: Bill would require KU to play Wichita State University in basketball

I would be okay with KU playing WSU, but not okay with state legislature mandating it every season. I do think it's a bit of a travesty that KU hasn't played WSU since 1993, especially since WSU is really good some years. Also, since we don't play an actual "rival" during the season anymore, adding an in-state "rivalry" to the schedule would definitely be more exciting for me as a fan, especially if it means we don't have to play FHSU and ESU every season.

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Opinion: At this point, change is due

I do love what Naadir Tharpe brings to the game, but no way Self sits EJ at this point in the season. We're getting close to halfway through the Big 12 conference schedule and Elijah's record as a starting PG is 19-2. That's the kind of winning you don't mess with.

I agree with the sentiments that Self should go small and have both EJ and Naadir on the court together more (not necessarily start Naadir, but have him play more minutes at the expense of Kevin Young and/or Perry Ellis). Naadir is quicker on his feet than Elijah and turns the ball over less, but Elijah is one of those clutch performers that can make big plays when games are on the line. Don't count Elijah out because of a loss at Allen Fieldhouse. Bill Self has lost, what, eight home games in ten seasons? Statistically, these kinds of losses are bound to happen and we need to look at Elijah's whole body of work, not just this loss to Okie St.

Also, going small would allow B-Mac or Travis to play the 4 spot. In that case it is much more difficult to double-team Jeff Withey because McLemore and Releford can both hit the open mid-range jumper. We'd probably lose out on rebounds more often, but I believe our offense would be able to score more.

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

Where did Bill McNeil go? He's the one I was responding to for 95% of the posts above.

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