Dale Sprague HawkInMac

Dale Sprague HawkInMac


Dale Sprague 13 years, 7 months ago

Awesome banner !! It should be hung this week in the Kansas House of Representatives !!

Dale Sprague 4 years, 8 months ago

In all my years while a student I attended only one Jayhawk away game, and it was the Texas Western game in Lubbock. That game was too big to miss, what with Jo Jo White and the massive press coverage of the cinderella Texas Western Minors rise in the NCAA Tournament. The atmosphere was beyond electric; it was unending pandemonium start to finish. Jeers and cheers bordering the obscene flew freely the entire game; the fabled post-Wilt the Stilt Hawks were definitely in enemy territory of West Texas and El Paso. It was deafening!

Yes, the photos confirmed Jo Jo's step that crushed us. His right heel as I recall barely touched the bounds line as what today would have been a "Svi from the corner 3 pointer" left Jo Jo's fingers and nailed the bucket for the winning 2! But there wasn't a Hawk in the crowd that believed the ref's call until those photos emerged. We honestly left believing we had been home-towned in the the worse of all ways!

Athletes of pure class and talent were the models of that day. Jo Jo lead that pack together with Gayle Sayers. The privilege of being a Jayhawk began back then and has never died. May Jo Jo rest in peace; his memories and legend never will.

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