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Class of 2019 target Jeremiah Robinson-Earl headed to IMG for senior year

This is a good move for Jeremiah. He will step up his level of competition, which he needs to further the momentum he gained from his stint recently with Coach Self in the international competition.

If KU's team this year returns more to the power game that Coach Self seems to prefer, it should enhance the probability that Jeremiah will eventually pick KU. Of course, Roy Williams will always be a formidable recruitment contender based upon his relationship with Lester Earl.

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Chemistry developing quickly for KU big men Udoka Azubuike, Dedric Lawson

You're really on your game today, Marius. Indeed, there are a lot of intriguing opportunities. One of the best things is that, unless Udoka somehow magically learns to shoot free throws, there will be plenty of substitution possibilities at "crunch time." We likely won't see a game thrown away like the one at OU this past year.

The truth is that, no matter what talent Coach Self has available, he will make it work like he always has done. He is a coaching and development genius.

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Former KU athletic director to join Free State football staff

Why is it absurd for someone to follow his heart? He obviously knows that some will mock him for the decision. However, I have nothing but praise and admiration for him.

All the best to him and his family.

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The good and the bad of Malik Newman's two-way contract

I predict that Malik will do just fine. I believe that he made the right decision to come out early. He's at an age where making a living is extremely important if it is to be in the sport of basketball.

Draftees are becoming younger and younger with all of the one and dones, and the trend is only going to continue.

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Tom Keegan: Nice guys don't always finish last

Devonte will still be collecting NBA paychecks long after Allen is through.

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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention. Congratulations to Devonte and Svi. Their hard work has paid off, and I hope to see both in the NBA.

No guaranteed contract being selected in the second round, but it worked out "ok" for Mario Chalmers and Frank Mason, so hopefully it will do the same for both of you.

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Tied to the end: Graham, Mykhailiuk officially leave Kansas 13 picks apart in 2018 NBA Draft

Marcus, I agree with you 100% despite the personal attacks on your opinion.

My prediction is that not being picked could end up being a blessing for Malik. While a number of those selected in the second round likely won't be on an NBA roster when the season starts, Malik as a free agent has the opportunity to find his niche.

As for Billy, I hope that things will work out. While the auto accident was the first thing that kept him from playing, I suspect that, as more things unfolded about his mother's alleged receipt of money from Adidas, the ultimate "red flag" was raised. As I recall, it was his mother who pulled him out of school and sent him on his short-lived stint in Europe.

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KU coach Bill Self still plans to meet with Lagerald Vick about future plans

Garrett will get better on offense (and defense too) with experience because of his attitude and ability to drive to the basket. Unfortunately, Vick had three years to show his defense, and it rarely showed up.

I hope that things go well for Lagerald. He has amazing skill potential if he can show the type of commitment to do what it takes to be successful on a consistent basis.

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KU coach Bill Self still plans to meet with Lagerald Vick about future plans

Thanks for mentioning E. J. Elliott, Matt. Even though he is only a walk-on at this point, from what I have read, he seems like an outstanding young man who can really shoot the ball.

Of course, getting playing time will rest mostly on his ability to play defense. If E. J. can do that, he might just be a "sleeper" in this year's recruiting class.

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