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KU’s Bill Self: ‘We’ve been here before’

There are a lot of KU people blaming the refs for costing us the game, especially after this video surfaced today of mizzou AD Michael Alden. I still say you can only blame yourself for blowing an 8 point lead with 2 minutes to go.

I had a debate online last night and continuing today with a KU player and a handful of others close to the program as well as many fans. I took the stance that we blew a huge lead. If we had made one stop or converted on 1 possession the last 2 minutes, we win the game and can only blame ourselves.

I said that I thought the officials were pretty poor overall but there were blown calls both ways and pointed to the horrible goal tending call that went against mizzou and you could say we should have lost by 5. I said that crying about the refs under the circumstances we lost under made us look silly and we should quit it... but people persisted. It led me to look into it a little deeper. Here's what I found.

These were the officials from the game. Listed with the highest number of games they have officiated for any conference and the number of Big 12 games they have called in their careers.

Don Daily - 98 Missouri Valley - 38 Big XII

Rod Dixon - 42 Southland Conference - 7 Big XII

Doug Sirmons - 158 SEC - 14 Big XII

Fouls - slavers 10 KU 20
Freethrows - slavers 20 KU 9

Forget about the "fixed" conspiracy for a minute... Who schedules the officials in these games? Is it the Big XII or the home school? Either way... it looks really bad. If you have the biggest game in the country with two top 10 ranked teams for first place in your conference between two hated rivals for possibly the final time in Columbia... wouldn't you schedule the best rated and most experienced Big XII refs that you possibly could? I would.

So who picks the refs? I can't believe they would let either of the schools pick the refs... that's out--of-control idiotic. Yet why on God's green earth wouldn't the Big XII put primarily Big XII officials in this game and wouldn't a prominent SEC official be avoided like the plague? If mizzou AD Michael Alden scheduled those refs it's a huge scandal! If the Big XII scheduled them it's an epic fail beyond measure...

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

I'm not a Gill hater and I usually stand by the opinion that a coach should be given at least three years...

However, having watched many games in the past 2 seasons... he has shown to be a poor game coach and even more lacking in preparation. You throw in the carousel at defensive coordinator and it adds up to a good guy that was in over his head. If we had even been competitive in more than a game or two per year I would say give him one more year.

K-State has very similar talent to KU. In fact, KU probably has more athletic talent overall except at QB. Bill Snyder, good coach, 9-2. Turner GIll, not so good coach, 2-10. It's really pretty simple.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

Live flight tracking shows a chartered Cessna Citation XL departed the Florida Keys at 7:55pm EST en route to Lawrence Municipal. Mike Leach lives in the Keys... just sayin'...

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach


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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed

Jesse not Jason - my bad... the dumpster's out back.

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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed


Nobody here cares what Calipari thinks... Take out the trash.

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UK wins, but John Calipari not impressed


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Loud and clear: UK pulls away, makes statement

We looked like what we are last night. A talented but inexperienced team with an athletic but shaky point guard and a soon to be superstar big who's still learning how to be THE guy with a short bench of athletic young bucks and a sharpshooter who's a liability on defense. No big shocker.

Keep in mind that we really don't play a game that matters in the whole scheme of things until after Christmas when conference season starts.

The recruiting complainers are silly. We've been hurt by questionable NCAA eligibility rulings, not a lack of recruiting. We have 3 really good players coming in next year that fit the system which is infinitely more important than the rankings on rivals. Only 3 schools in the current top 25 recruiting class rankings have won a national title in the last decade.

This team will be really good as the year goes on. I think Nadir Tharpe will prove to be a huge asset as well. I also think Elijah will step up and be a more consistent offensive threat than Taylor who is still way too careless with the ball and telegraph's his passes for the sake of style points.

Don't over-react, this KU team will be really good in time and it's a long, long time until March.

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Loud and clear: UK pulls away, makes statement

Hihawk, you must be smoking crack in your weed pipe. Most baseless, uniformed nonsensical post I may have ever read here. Not even gonna go to the trouble to set it straight. Ridiculous.

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