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KU basketball to face Tennessee in Big 12/SEC Challenge

Muck Fizzou. They picked up their marbles and ran away crying. They can wallow in the abyss they made for themselves.

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Episode 1: First of all...

#foulshots #kubasketball #basketballfriends (sorry, but I just had to do it...)

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Azubuike, Elliott cleared to return to action for KU basketball program

"Cleared" probably means cleared by the medical staff that treated the wrist injury for Udoka and the knee injury for Elliott.

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After heavy freshman feel in 2018-19, Kansas basketball likely moving back toward a veteran lineup

Starters will probably be Devon, Ochai, Marcus, Silvio, and Udoka. That means when/if teams double down on Dok, Ochai is on the floor and plays can be run to set him up for the shot. Then we still have Marcus on the floor with his defensive expertise. And towards the end of the season last year, Marcus was driving more and getting better at it. I think a veteran line up is gonna be so fun to watch next season!!

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Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike to return for senior season







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Kansas big man Udoka Azubuike to return for senior season

I agree, Bill Corrigan.

Now is the time for all Jayhawk Nation, nay, ALL NCAA member shcools, to rise up and tell the NCAA that they were wrong in handing down such an extreme penalty to Silvio. Write the NCAA and tell them so! If this penalty is allowed to remain a precedent is then set. The NCAA will not wield their responsibility wisely, they will use it as a sword and cut deep only the school(s) they want. The North Carolinas and Dukes will go unscathed while the KU's or any other school that might defy the NCAA will take the severe treatment that the NCAA has shown. It MUST be stopped NOW!!

FREE SILVIO !!!!!!!!

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Jayhawks enter postseason still looking for some 'oomph'

This year was the "Perfect Storm"...

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Benton Smith: Inexperience catches up with Jayhawks as Big 12 title streak perishes

The streak is over. Long live the streak. It had to end sometime. Nothing is forever. When this season is finally finished, then it is time to recruit, re-group, re-build, and re-dedicate to beginning another streak. It took the "perfect storm" to end it. Injuries, a suspension, an investigation, and a leave of absence. Now is the time for all Jayhawks to rally together! Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU !!!

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