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Tom Keegan: Lucas pivotal player in battle of the bigs

So the best photo we have of Lucas is between Mickelsons legs.

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Tom Keegan: Keller explains A&M’s ‘miracle’

I guess the question would be, why post a Texas A&M article? This is KUSports not ESPN. They're not in our conference, they're not in our bracket, it seems irrelevant.

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Peay alumnus ‘Fly’ quite a character ... and scorer

Wait . . . their chant is "The fly is open, lets go pee"?

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KU draws Austin Peay in Des Moines; 'Now is where it counts the most'

We take this matter seriously and we are looking into it,” said David Worlock of the NCAA.

Yes, we know you take your advertising money for a 2 hour selection show very seriously.

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On a roll: Carlton Bragg, Jayhawks impress in tourney opener

Solid humblebrag

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Jamari Traylor senses different vibe around Jayhawks entering this postseason

'97 team was great but I think his best shot was 2002. The team went 16-0 in Big 12 play. Gooden was averaging 20pts and 12 rebounds a game with Collison next to him avg 16 and 9. That's 36pts and 21 rebounds from the post every game. Add to that Kansas leading assist leader in Aaron Miles and 4 more of the top 15 scorers in KU history with Boschee, Hinrich, Simien, and Langford. Man, that team was stacked.

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Tom Keegan: Manning brought value(s) to KU

Larry Brown, Roy Williams, Bill Self. None of those guys graduated from KU. Lets not get stuck on hiring someone from KU and focus on the best coach, no matter where they went to school.

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KU point guard Frank Mason lets Big 12 title do his talking

How you pronounce a Ukranian name is not an opinion

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Shaka Smart: KU's Big 12 streak 'unheard of'

Before the game he said he hoped Texas could, “create an experience this evening they can look back on the rest of their life with a lot of pride. It’s what it’s all about.”


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