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Kansas gets commitment from DE Davion Westmoreland of Hutchinson CC

This kid is on the road a lot. Maybe a NIL deal for oil changes is in his future.

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In Craig Young, Kansas football adds Ohio State transfer 'looking for that fresh start'

We don't have to have 20,000. Coach Mangino was able to fill it once he got the program rolling, I can see that happening very soon.

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'Fun game' awaits Kansas with Kentucky coming to town, but Jayhawks still focused on Big 12 race, too

The Minnesota kid offered up the most disgusting cheap shot of all time, agreed. But the game was allowed to get way out of control by the officiating. Tempers escalated to the point of no return, in part, because of the lack of control by the refs. Cheap shots were delivered by both sides with increased voracity and intent as the game progressed. For a look at both sides of the brawl check out the Minneapolis Star/Tribune account after you read the Columbus article.

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Jayhawks appreciate seeing KU football coach Lance Leipold's fiery encounters with officials

Coach wasn't the only one fired up after Jason Bean was pushed after taking 2 full steps out of bounds. The crowd was as animated as I've seen them this season. It certainly wasn't a hard hit but it clearly should have been 15 yards. Every QB get the benefit of that call and ours should as well. I hope that play was one the conference admitted was missed. Coach Leipold reminds me of a coach we had a little over 10 years ago!

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KU pole vaulter Zach Bradford earns Big 12 honor for second consecutive week

Congratulations Zach! 3 in the top 10 is incredible - continuing the Jayhawk tradition of producing stud vaulters.

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Notebook: QB Thomas MacVittie heads into camp with edge over Carter Stanley

It's rather irritating. I thought maybe signing in would help but it doesn't.

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Josh Jackson arrested at music festival, charged with resisting arrest and escape

Ran away? Let's see, "They'll never spot a 6'8" guy wearing handcuffs ...I'll just blend right in"

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As coaching search continues, Jeff Long returns to Lawrence on flight from Dallas

Not many coaches have looked great coaching against Alabama.

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As coaching search continues, Jeff Long returns to Lawrence on flight from Dallas

I hope a Beignet and a Cafe Du Monde coffee!

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