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Column: Greene’s toughness too often overlooked

It's frustrating to continually hear "we settle" for 3 pointers". We've spent decades of forcing the ball inside and think we're not a real team if we don't. I realize the importance of an inside game, but this year we have not been able to finish as in the past.This year we are blessed to have perimeter shooters. We are a nightmare for opposing defenses. When we were down by 13 in the first half at BU, three 3 pointers put us back in the game. I understand the importance of a well rounded offense but even coach Self has come to terms with this team's outside threat. The proof of this is he doesn't immediately pull a player for a miss beyond the arc. This has allowed players like Wayne Selden to open up and shoot enough 3's to allow him to achieve the confidence in his stroke. I think the inside game is going to start opening up because we have the best perimeter game in college basketball. So boys, keep on putting them up when you're open. Even though I respect and enjoy both of the JW writers, I wish they would quit bashing our 3 point success.

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Column: KU playing with fire while shooting lights out

I wish we would quit looking at the "3''s" as a bad thing. I've been following KU basketball since 1957 and this is the first time I've seen any of our coaches allow a player to put up a 3 and not immediately pull him if he missed. Because of this Wayne has been able to shoot and gain confidence from beyond the arc. We have 5-6 players that can hurt the opponent with the outside shot and as this continues it will open up the lane and the inside. I've seen too many times during post-season we have been down near the end of the game and the other team just collapses because they know we will only try to force the ball inside. Not this year. It's a valuable asset to have this ability. Keep taking advantage of it.

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Wayne Selden Jr. keys KU's revenge-game win

Great win. So many positives. I'm sure Coach Self will work a bit this week on the in bounds pass against the press, too slow developing. I shouldn't say this but I think West Virginia is the only thing standing between us and our 11th consecutive Big 12 title, and they use a lot of full court pressure. That said, how would you like to be an opposing coach trying to defend against KU. They certainly can't concentrate against 1 or 2 players. We've got 7-8 players who can score 15+ against you. That's exciting.

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Jayhawks earn payback in rematch with ISU

This seems a little harsh and I don't think it represents the average KU fan. We are proud of our "win with dignity" attitude.

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Just in time: Jayhawks come through in clutch to beat OU

When Kelly Oubre tipped the ball on defense and then dove to tip it again and got up and dove to tip it again resulting in a OU turnover might b the best hustle play I have ever seen.

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Cyclones blow by Jayhawks at Hilton Coliseum

Some thoughts: Mason's rebounding stats have been impressive this year. But against a tough transition team like ISU he has to let others go to the boards. I hope everyone doesn't get down on Traylor for having an off night. I think he has brought energy and toughness to this team at times and I expect him to bounce back, same with KO. Hopefully this is the spark that fuels Perry's turnaround after some less than stellar recent outings. In a way I'm glad he fouled out. It shows that he is in there mixing it up. Good game for a great kid. One more thing, I wonder if these kids should not be allowed to make a weak pass from the time they walk into practice, when they are just fooling around or anytime they are in the eyesight of the coaches. Besides the turnovers caused by bad passes I think if you went back and reviewed the games this year you would find that we had at least a half a dozen passes that should have been picked off. Finally, I'm not to discouraged with the loss, (how we played on defense, yes) and now look forward to the necessary win over OU on our floor.

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Perry Ellis finds touch on perimeter

I think it is really exciting when you have a team with so many players who could score 15 points in a game and we wouldn't be surprised. Perry, Frank, Kelly, Wayne, Jamari, Cliff, Brannen, Devonte and yes Svi when he has that game where they start falling. It's difficult for opponents to say if we can shut down 2-3 players we can relax. If we can continue to improve on the defensive end, I like our chances as the season progresses.

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Late heroics lift Kansas at Baylor

As much as it is against his nature, I think Perry needs to get mad. Instead of getting pushed around, do some pushing back. I can't remember the last time he fouled out of a game. Although it is not a good thing at least it would show he's in there mixing it up. I don't know if we could get by with it but maybe setting him out an entire game might work. I don't mean to get on a classy and admirable young man but he needs to make the change to realize his potential.

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Late heroics lift Kansas at Baylor

One question, what part about "undisputable" do the refs not understand?

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Self excited, but realistic, about upcoming season

This team will be fast,, fast, fast and we will have true scorers, not like the over hyped one and done's like in our recent seasons. If Frankamp doesn't start, he can come off the bench and pour in 20.

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