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KU’s Mickelson makes most of chance

Thumbs up for your starting lineup.

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KU’s Ellis to miss Oklahoma game

KJ, it was an exercise in rating Big 12 coaches.

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KU’s Ellis to miss Oklahoma game

Tubby, I'm sorry I gave your job back to Gillispie. I knew I should of finished those last 2 years of grade school.

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KU’s Ellis to miss Oklahoma game

There has been some talk of coaches around the conference. So while waiting for the post season Big 12 and NCAA tournaments I made a list of Big 12 coaches that I would like to see coach the Jayhawks if we didn't have Bill Self (heaven forbid). I have listed in order of preference with comments why.

1. Fred Hoiberg, ISU. Definitely my first choice. Can coach, recruit and has the personality to represent KU well.

2. Lon Kruger, OU. As good of fundamentals coach as you could ask for. Even though he has KSU roots, if given the chance to coach at a top rated program I think the KU fans would forgive him for his unfortunate roots. Close 2nd to Fred Hoiberg.

3. Scott Drew, BU. Has done a good job bringing a weak basketball school to the point of a solid program. He can recruit solid players. Tough start this year but now has them playing up to their potential.

4. Rick Barnes, TEX. Good recruiter and coach of the fundamentals. Unfortunately, he has Roy Williams disease, weak game coach.

5. Travis Ford, OSU. Has the ability to get good kids and gets them to play hard. Would definitely have better success at a basketball school such as KU.

6. Trent Johnson, TCU. When at a better program (Stanford), he was fairly successful taking them to NCAA's 3 out of 4 years. I think he would do well with the KU program.

7. Bob Huggins, WVU. I know all about his win total although most of those wins came in a weak conference. I hesitate ranking him this high and do so only by default. Kansas University doesn't need that much negativity, i.e. Bobby Knight.

8. Billy Gillispie, TTU. Couldn't get it done at Kentucky, 'nuf said.

9. Bruce Weber, KSU. Was successful with Bill Self's recruits at Illinois but not much since. Don't see a winner in him regardless of what happened last week.

Fortunately, this is all fantasy. Long live the King, HCBS.

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No asterisk necessary: Jayhawks come back to win Big 12 outright

What a job Hunter, Landen and Jamari did filling in the void left by an injured Perry. Also appreciated the leadership shown by Wayne.

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WVU coach Bob Huggins: We deserved to win the game

Typical crying from Huggins.

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Jayhawks snare share, can win Big 12 outright Tuesday vs. WVU

I don't think any of the regular posters here are among those that take this year's conference championship for 'granted'. It's been a hold your breath season with the feeling each game was important. I would like to see every team playing at it's best during the Big 12 tournament and see who would come out on top. Congratulations to the coaching staff and the team for getting the job done in a tough conference this year. Tonight I don't want to just beat WV, I want to crush them!

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Column: Jayhawks’ problems not too difficult to explain

I believe Coach Self has abandoned the 3 point game. He just can't help himself. Even though we were having success and becoming one of the best in the nation at it he couldn't stand that we were not getting enough inside points. I think he has went back to his habit of taking any player out if they miss one. That is the only explanation for players passing up open shots from outside the arc (even Greene) during the K-State game. I'm not saying this will make up for our lack of defense and rebounding, but we were being pretty successful when the team was allowed to take open shots. Coach Self reverting back to "The only way to win is to force the ball inside" thinking is the only explanation for the awful shot attempts from 3 that did not come close to going in. Pressure from the bench to not miss will do that. Coach Self knows more about coaching in his hangnail than I do, but if I'm an opposing coach I am going to double Perry every time the ball goes inside because he is our only inside scoring threat. Let 'em shoot coach.

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Column: Perry Ellis's week goes from low to high

C'mon Suzi, give it up. Not bad,huh?

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Buzzer-beaten: Perry Ellis, Jayhawks take last-second loss hard

Hey folks, calm down. I see a lot of 180 degree comments from those posted in the last few days. I realize this loss hurts but we're still leading the conference with 5 games to go with a team that some picked to finish 3rd or 4th. I respect Suzi as one of the most knowledgeable contributors to these stories day in and day out but I was disappointed in her comment to another story. I hope it was just frustration for her to say, "This is my least favorite team in 30+ years". I hope this team changes her thoughts on this before the year is out. I still enjoy her mostly spot on posts. We will beat WVU by 15+ at AFH. One last thing, don't hang your head Perry Ellis, you played a great overall game

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