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DREAM ON! KU volleyball reaches Final Four

It's a rare night when you say Men's BB game was the 2nd most exciting sports event for the Jayhawk faithful.

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Recruit Thon Maker attends KU-Northern Colorado

Really want this kid to play for Kansas. One year under Coach Self and he could be a #1 draft pick.

November 14, 2015 at 4:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Jayhawks predicted to extend Big 12 title streak

We've heard this before. We have to have this ONE guy to lead us to the promise land, most recently Alexander. I Like what we have to get the job done.

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McDonald’s standouts inspire rumors

It's always fluid until they pick a hat.........oh, wait a minute.

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Bounced: Shockers do as they please, send Jayhawks home

Thanks to the Jayhawks for an entertaining season. Kept waiting for the team to 'gel' and it didn't quite happen. Once the conference started, we didn't have a real 'gimmie'. Biggest disappointment was lack of using perimeter shots. You can say they just weren't hitting them, but in the middle of the season we were ranked as one of the best from beyond the arc. But the worry was that we weren't getting enough inside points. You can almost pick the game that the coach decide to force the ball inside. At that time we reverted to the pressure of make or get yanked, just like the it has always been with Bill and back to Roy. With that in the back of your mind, it's much harder to make those 3's. I don't think we maximized our greatest strength this year, the 3 point shot. Besides Mason and Oubre and Perry to some extent, we had no one who could jump, although Lucas showed great improvement towards the end. Don't think there is any hope of changing HCBS;s coaching style, so coach you had better recruit some height AND jumping ability. Even with my disappointment with the lack of us to utilize our strengths, I wouldn't trade Bill Self for any other coach and I don't blame him or the team for losing to WSU who has more experience and slightly better talent THIS year.

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Column: Frank Mason once again plays bigger than a point guard

I was traveling with the team in the early 70's and we were going through the Memphis Airport and a older worker there came up to me and asked who the team was. After telling him it was the Kansas University basketball team, he remarked it was the most 'polite group of young men' he had seen come through the airport since he had worked there. I remember that comment every time I see the Jayhawks represent KU with class.

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Kansas earns No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will tip off vs. New Mexico State at 11:15 a.m. Friday

Key to our success is regaining our 3 point touch. I'm afraid Perry's bum knee may not hold up under the stress of 6 games. And that will negate most of our inside scoring threat. Perry works hard to get open down low and that puts additional stress on the knee. Hard to penetrate because every defense will be collapsing to keep the ball out of his hands. So, I believe we need to roll the dice and let 'em fly.

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Ooh-la-Oubre: Freshman's career-high 25 points lead Jayhawks past TCU, 64-59

Brianna, please have your prescription checked. It can be dangerous walking around with uncorrected vision.

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Kelly Oubre Jr. carries Kansas past TCU

The Jayhawks did set a record against TCU for the ugliest uniforms of all time. Would like to meet up with the designer and smack him in the mouth. We need to apply for a fire permit and have every last one of them burned.

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Brannen Greene to return for Big 12 Tournament

Good to see him return. Hope his shot returns, too.

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