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Ochai Agbaji motivated by idea that age will limit his NBA success

Good Luck, Ochai!!
We're all rooting for you to keep climbing just like you did at KU, from unkown to All-American, National Championship MOP & first round draft pick!!

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Kansas freshmen Zuby Ejiofor, Ernest Udeh Jr. 'make a statement' in camp scrimmage

Mr. Ejiofor & Udeh,
Way to kick off your Jayhawk career!! It sounds like you have been working hard to get to KU & are aware that the really hard work is just beginning.
I'm really looking forward to your hitting the floor of Allen Field House in a game, hopefully sooner than later.
Keep up the great work & Rock Chalk All Day Long!!

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14th annual Rock Chalk Roundball Classic returning to full-scale event in 1 week

Great news all around!!!
Wish I could be there to see the generations of Jayhawk greats!
The Chalk will be Rocked!!

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Texas Tech transfer Kevin McCullar Jr. calls Kansas 'the right fit for me' after withdrawing from NBA draft

Welcome to Jayhawk Nation, Kevin!!

We like to think we have a pretty good team every year, but this year was the cherry on top! If you work harder than you ever have on your game, you can make big progress & seriously boost your NBA stock.

You will have to work your butt off to get playing time, though. Take that as the ultimate challenge!!

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Eight Jayhawks still alive for NBA title as playoffs begin

Not gonna catch those SD State Jackrabbits! Wonder if they're related to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog??

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Kansas' Ochai Agbaji named NCAA Tournament's most outstanding player

Congratulations Ochai!! So well deserved, such an amazingly talented & humble Jayhawk!! Reminds me of Frank Mason, came in as an unheralded kid, worked his butt off for four years & becomes a lottery pick while picking up a truckload of awards!!
Rock Chalk, Ochai Agbaji, your jersey is going to be hanging up in Allen pretty soon!!

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'We can do this' How Kansas kept hope alive at halftime and powered its way to the 2022 national title

In a way, the title belongs to the Big12 Conference. Playing 18 games in by far the toughest conference in the country made this championship possible. Two consecutive National Championships in the conference!! The whole conference ranked in the top 61!! Carolina was amazing, but they really didn't have a chance!!


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NCAA Midwest Regional practices (Chicago)

Gotta say, Charlie Moore looks so much more mature now! When he was at KU he was such a baby-faced kid, looked all of 15. Now that he's been to several other schools & has turned 24 he looks all of 17!!

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Top-seeded Jayhawks gearing up for Sweet 16 showdown in Chicago

Yeah, but you still can't spell suck without ksu!!

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