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Shaquille O'Neal, aka DJ Diesel, to be featured performer at Late Night in the Phog

We went to the 1991 Final Four in Indianapolis, & Shaq was there, up in the nosebleed section next to ours. Wasn't quite so wide-body then...

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Kansas Regents taking steps to ensure KU, other schools can't change athletic conferences without prior approval

'Scuse me, but why would KU Hoops fans want to leave the Big12? We have been the BEST conference in the country for how many years now??
Texas Tech played in the Final, Baylor & KU both won championships & KU could have won another except for Covid shutdown. That's 4 years in a row that
the Big12 was either National Champions or right there. Why the heck would we want to bail on that??

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Former KU Senior Associate AD Dan Beckler joining forces with Mass Strategies

Is it just me, or does this all seem a bit like the Wild West in that there's no regulation in place, potentially lots of money involved & young athletes who have no experience with anything like this.
I hope that everyone involved is truly looking out for the athletes.

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Agbaji, Braun shine in NBA Summer League debuts

" Love it that our guys are more than credible. "
Even better, they are essentially unknown (before they came to KU) local kids who started playing with MOKAN Elite!

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Is a Big 12 vs. Pac-12 battle brewing on the conference realignment stage?

Hey Jeff, Did you really mean to put Nebraska in the top 16 FB programs? They've been in the toilet the last few years,,,
Last time they were over .500 was 2016! Last 2 years they won 3(!!!!) games.

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UCLA, USC's move to Big Ten may mean conferences undergo another seismic shift

Hey Dirk,
ESPN writers are speculating the opposite scenario:
"But I think the Pac-12 has to consider a merger or some new, nontraditional relationship with the Big 12. If that doesn't work, the league has to reach out to Baylor, Kansas, Texas Tech, Iowa State and Oklahoma State. If the Pac-12 can land two or three of those schools, it can widen its footprint and maintain its competitive value in men's basketball, especially if Kansas and Baylor are interested."
I really hope that NOTHING like this ever happens!! West coast tip-off times would be ridiculous in the midwest!

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After difficult first season, Kansas' Joe Yesufu 'had to get past the mental part'

Don't we have enough talent to play ten? Can the second 5 come in as a unit, used to playing together & getting tight with each other in practice, and give some quality time to let the starters rest?
So many weapons, hate to see them not play!!
Rock Chalk ALL YEAR LONG!!

BTW, love looking at ESPN NCAAM site where they still have the championship score posted at the top of the page....

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Ex-Kansas coach Roy Williams to be honored by National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame

Can someone explain what the founding class was/is, if not folks honored by the induction?
I guess what they considered the 173 most influential people in the history of the game in 2006?
Frankly I'm surprised that Roy wasn't already inducted, I thought he was.

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Kansas men's basketball to face Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri next season

The Seton Hall game jumped out at me for sure. They snagged Shaheen Holloway right after the St. Peters amazing Cinderella run, & I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hall in the top 10 before the end of the season. This should be a real tough game.
Misery? not so much, but it will be fun to kick their tails in Columbia.
USC will also be very tough if we get them in the B4A.
Personally, I hope they wear the sunflower uni's for the KSUck game every year....
I wouldn't be surprised in our non-con SOS is in the top 5 again.


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Ochai Agbaji motivated by idea that age will limit his NBA success

Good Luck, Ochai!!
We're all rooting for you to keep climbing just like you did at KU, from unkown to All-American, National Championship MOP & first round draft pick!!

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