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Nowhere to hide: KU women suffer historic loss to Wildcats

I sure hope this is not the traditional repeat of Big XII ball under Coach Bonnie! This has been a pattern over and over!


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We can cross some names off the list. Or can we?

Harbough will be announced Sunday PM or Monday AM, after the Heisman award has been presented. It is not good timing before the Heisman award with one of his players a finalist.


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Perkins did it his way

Lew is close to a genius and a shrewed business man. KU does not have one of the top physicalities in the Big XII. KU is about mid-pack and definately not top third, but has made tremendous progress under Lew. Give him 5 more years and KU may make top third of Big XII.

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FINAL: Markieff Morris scores career-high 19 points in KU's 73-61 win over UCLA

What a dull and boring game. Neither team was sharpe, the announcers were horrible and the teams were truly uninspiring. UCLA has to be about the worst UCLA team in the last 50 years. THey would be lucky to win a game in the Big XII!

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St. Louis prep Beal chooses Florida

Beal will be a good fit with UF and COach DOnavan. Chamindade has long ties to the UF program and COach Donavan.

Good luck!


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Reasons for skid plentiful

I believe the scholarship limit of a few years ago had some effect on theis team. They lost a couple of potential defensive scholarships that could have gone a long way to provide more depth on defense.

The differnce between a 8-4 and 5-7 season ws Reesings injury and KU total need to have him win or lose the game. KU never one a game without getting 100 yards rushing and the lack of depth at RB and LB was horrible (i.e. recruiting holes). KU bet on Crawford and Quiqley two years in a row and got nothing out of these heralded JUCO players. Major mistake that cost KU this season!

Next year, will be a real challenge and more reason to change out coach staffs including HC!

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Uncertainty surrounds Kansas football

Lot's of studs to replace and too many duds still around. KU will be challenged to score next year and the defense will be very suspect. TIme to change coachs and schemas. NO MORE 4-2-5 defense please!

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Briscoe undecided

BBriscoe is gone. WHo would throw to him and who would coach him/ Too many variables for a stale return to an unknown situation.

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FINAL: Ressel's last-second field goal gives MU 41-39 victory over KU

Lew go after Skip Holtz NOW!

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FINAL: Ressel's last-second field goal gives MU 41-39 victory over KU

What a terriffic game by Todd Reesing. 498 yards passing and 4 TDs. Best game since last MU game for Todd.

Thanks for the memories!!


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