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Five-star guard Quentin Grimes picks Kansas

I wouldn't be too sure about Lightfoot returning. He looks too small and slow footed to make a serious impact as a KU big man. With two bigs coming in next year, plus Lawson and no guarantees that Preston or Azubuike leave it may be Mitch that decides he would rather get more playing time elsewhere

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

Peace Rio! Have fun eating fake cereal at Oregon State! I'm not upset about this at all. It gives more time to Frankamp who is too good to sit a ton as freshman.

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Opinion: Can KU keep on streakin’?

Can KU go undefeated in Big 12 play? Sure they can. I think 16-2 sounds realistic with no other Big 12 team winning more than 13.

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Bill Self: Rotation starting to come clear

This looks like a 9 man rotation with 5 bigs and 4 perimeter guys, which is different than the past. The 4 perimeter guys are Johnson, McLemore, Releford, and Tharpe off the bench. Ellis, Traylor, and Young all figure to share minutes at the 4 and Wesley is likely backing up Withey at the 5. I don't think Self trusts White or Adams yet to give them rotation minutes, though they may each get a few minutes here or there in spot duty.

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Gary Bedore’s KU hoops notebook

Well taking it from Carl Henry, C.J. will probably only be here as long as Xavier is. There's no way he would go to another school and sit out, not with his eligibility clock ticking. We know X and C.J. have strong desires to make money playing this game, no matter at what level of hoop. The only reason C.J. came here was to be at his brothers side for one season. Hopefully Xavier and C.J. both come back. But in reality, both are likely gone. Hopefully they can take a ring with them when they depart.

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Hinrich joining Pritchard in Portland?

This deal makes sense for all 3 teams involved. Bulls need low post scorer and have no use for a player making as much as Hinrich to be a backup to their star player. Blazers need a point guard and Hinrich would be perfect. He can dish and play D as Portland has plenty of scoring options. He's certainly an upgrade over Steve Blake. Utah wants Millsap more than Boozer, probably cause they want to move to the future sooner rather than later. I like the deal, and there will probably be a few more players/draft picks/cash involved so this deal makes sense

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Self comments on Henry situation

Pretty sure tonight is an ultimatum. Bill Self will probably say if you aren't coming to play for me, let me know now so I can put an end to all this. If you are coming, then get your butts up to Lawrence so I can put an end to all this. Either way, make up your mind. I have faith in Bill Self to work this all out. If it does not work out in our favor, then I really hope Marcus Morris is as improved as everyone says he is.

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