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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

Color us all disappointed. I thought he could have been really good, and I wanted to see him succeed at Kansas. But when you're under aged and getting a free ride through school, the bar shouldn't even be in your vocabulary. He's lucky he got a chance at all. Some coaches would have rescinded his scholly after the Wally World incident.

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Kansas football assistant David Beaty sells KU as the UT of Kansas to Texas recruits

UT of Kansas! What an insult. That is a cowboy college. The University of Kansas was founded by dignitaries from back east who envisioned a new university in the likeness of another great institution. We are the Harvard on the Kaw.

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KU basketball's Conner Teahan gearing up for senior season

Didn't Teahan have a scholarship offer to play for Wichita State? He is a good player. We just got beat by a team loaded with talent on a midmajor team. So quit hating.

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Bill Self confident KU hoops will remain atop league standings

The entire league is in flux. All the teams that were within a couple games of threatening us last year lost the heart of their scoring. We can always afford that because our talent will always be as good as anything anybody else has. So we will be fine.

And the Mayans never said the world was going to end. A couple thousand years went by and ignorant people made faulty assumptions on what little they found. Imagine in a couple thousand years what people will presume if the only thing left of this civilization is the Beatles' White Album.

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Friendly faceoff: KU’s Bill Self, UNC’s Roy Williams to take opposite sides at golf event

“I have one of my best buddies playing in Roy and Bill is my coach."

If I'm not mistaken, Towner was featured in the LJ World when we played UNC. And he openly cheered for Roy and UNC. He doesn't deserve to call Bill Self his coach.

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NCAA justice speedy when it wants to be

This is one time where you shouldn't feel bad for the school involved. Baylor is one shady place. For those of you consoling Scott Drew, know that he told Darrell Arthur's family that Kansas cheats. And he also told Dwight Lewis, a one time highly touted recruit, that we don't graduate our players. He cost us that one. Never forget about the Dave Bliss mess. Baylor is simply a place you wouldn't even look at if you are a 5 star stud, unless they are giving great perks.

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

When she was dating the players, she was a current manager. If girls are going to be managers, they need to exercise a little restraint. Or they shouldn't be there. It's a shame that we have to worry about our own staff derailing the careers of guys we promised to take care of.

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

On a related note, why are the managers dating players? It is a job. Student trainers are forbidden from dating them. Perhaps a little more professionalism is in order. Otherwise, women have no business being on a men's basketball team staff. Let them go work with the women's basketball team.

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New KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger to be paid $450,000 per year for 4.5 years

We will win games in the 80-60 window, not 90-70, 100-80 or anything else. Get over it. You wear teams down with superior physical prowess, not depth. Some teams are just as deep as you.

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KU remains at No. 3 in both polls

It's hard to see how being 3rd in the country is under anyone's radar! Go over to Duke message boards, and you will see that we have their attention. They had a four page discussion about us just a few days ago.

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