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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

Regarding the above bickering about who’ll start or play the 2 or 3 or whatever...didnt we just see Self play 4+1 x 2yrs? Where they slot in or out will depend on what their key & secondary skillset is. And what about ea player’s gut feel & instinct for the game?

Frosh, even MickeyDs, you dont know their whole pkg from a h.s. mixtape highlights video. If a frosh has the whole pkg like Josh Jackson ( who was also a fire breathing alpha) or Trae Young, that would be great. Self will find them roles/mpg.

You could say the minute Nova hoisted the NC trophy, our next season began. Or the minute we were down 22-4, I sensed the season was over—Self said it politely afterwards that “once down 22-4, we’d have to play perfectly to claw our way back”. Which meant getting stops...which our season’s long Dstats simply showed we were incapable of that level of D (worst D stats in Self era, not that he didn’t try with them). If we were, maybe 22-4 hole didnt happen to begin with. All that’s left to say is hats off to Jay Wright, clearly a team a notch better than anyone else. KU, KY, UNC, Duke, MichSt, AZ...all flawed to some degree, and basically all in a similar pack.

At least we have a lot of pieces from Self to salivate over regarding next year. 5 days to prep for Nova, yet see what happened—my theory is that Self went into SanAntone with 3-4 bullets out of 6...not much else he could get out of this squad. Playing zone D even, almost anathema for a Self product. Even the “7” man 2012 KU team played m2m D. Recall its 2 bench guys were Teahan and KYoung. They got behind all season, but got stops, and clawed their way back in every game but that last one...

At least we got a reminder on RoyBall, pretty O, limited D, almost always a big L a few games/season when the O was misfiring.

Next season, please. Let’s see what Self’s next team is capable if on both ends of the floor & what his philosophy will be.

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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

Good luck to LaGerald, he’ll need it. Mom’s quote of “let’s go do this” should continue on to say something about “foreign currency”, as that’s where his paycheck could be. Svi was a better, more versatile player for KU this year, is 6’8, and shot 44.4% trey, and **huge** for Svi was showing he could guard someone like Bagley. Vick was an above avg college 3 shooter, not gifted defensively, and made NO habit of taking people to the rim off the bounce. What potential?

Newman’s case is better, as he did replace Mason’s production & go-to ability for about 7-9 games this season. Mason did it for 3+ yrs. Malik is banking on his 1 shining moment in an E8 game vs Duke. Former McDAA, he’ll get a few looks, we’ll see how his combine goes. Is Newman better than Devonté? What was Josh Selby’s career path post-KU? Is Malik better than Selby was? I understand the timeline clock was ticking inside Malik’s head to a defeaning (squawk) by this point...

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Self says Billy Preston's status unchanged

...haha, but if a coach like Pitino *paid* for the boobs, then we have a problem...

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Tom Keegan: Look for some changes now that Bill Self has been elected president

A brilliant example, this satirical article is, at conveying the concept of "fake news". Keegan should be commended for showing any that needed to 'see' the concept, by his creation of this article. Predicated, of course, on an actual fact (Self elected to NABC), it then gloriously departs from there into the realm of high fiction quite admirably...

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List of schools pursuing former Jayhawk Dwight Coleby starting to take shape

Good luck to Coleby, he could dominate in a league like SFA is in. So could have Lucas.

Not holding much hope for dominance out of UTexas basketball, as we know who their lackluster coach is. The one who thought his style "would translate well to the BigXII"...oops, something got lost in translation...

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks will go as far as Udoka Azubuike can take them

Remember that even as a raw, outta-shape, clueless frosh, BigDoke started over Lucas--he was "better" already than 5th yr senior Lucas. He only got sidelined because of the injury.

Now, hopefully, we get an improved Azibuike. Remember he was having his way in the paint against Duke early in the season. Not something Lucas was capable of, except against cupcakes, and in a highly orchestrated fashion (timed post-entry feeds, timed lobs, etc).

You've seen Self's offense make bigmen look better than they are, but imagine if you plug in a more talented participant. Much like the difference between Svi and Josh Jackson at the 3. Or Releford or Brady at the 3 vs JoshJackson at the 3. A whole different level.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks will go as far as Udoka Azubuike can take them

Not saying that Big'Doke will be a scoring machine, but lets not forget how completely exposed our post play was vs Oregon. Lets throw it into Lucas 1 more time (taking the ball OUT of Mason's hot hands), and see what happens...nope, only made some 6'7 athlete for Ducks look like an NBA prospect. Can we get some fast-twitch athletes in the post, please! It wasnt Landon, it wasnt Bragg, and unfortunately Coleby is transferring.

So, yes, as others posted above, this year's post-play by committee looks better than last year's, but its only on paper. Never played as a unit. Lets hope Billy Preston, McDAA, is at least play-able as a frosh. Lets hope Big'Buki learned some plays, improved his FT%, and got some Huditioning. Lets hope the Wm&Mary xsfer can at least pull a KYoung type energy mpg, and Lightfoot continues his development. He did show a knack for getting rebounds, just needed to get stronger. He supposedly has shooting range as well, which Coleby lacked, and Bragg refused to do in his soph year.

Maybe Self likes this challenge of fitting chess pieces together.

I will agree with article about the absolute domination of a game that Josh Jackson did: the BEST freshman Bill Self ever had at any college he's coached. Try to replace that! Newman will help, another McDAA, now with a chip, something to prove...

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Senior forward Dwight Coleby leaving Kansas basketball program

Sad to see him go. I thought he had more explosiveness and athleticism than Bragg. Saw him snag a quick rbd in traffic, and suddenly turned it into a stickback jam. Something neither Lucas or Bragg showed any ability to do. A little bit of nasty in his close-in game. But really no face-up jumper ability.

Maybe Self really likes fitting the "next" chess pieces together. Or at least, he is outwardly exuding calmness "we'll be OK".

Good luck to Dwight. Will miss seeing what he could have done (at KU).

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KU coach Bill Self says Dwight Coleby is considering his future at Kansas

"Kentucky-West", I have heard non-KU people call us in a jeering manner. They also say that Self and Calipari asst-coached at the same place (although not at the same exact time, but almost), which was of course KU, so none of this surprises them (no matter how much of a logic leap it may be)...

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Jayhawk seniors conclude Barnstorming tour

Heart still hurts for Frank Mason's team failing him. That kid deserved a chance at a Final Four. I watched UNC's Berry basically save UNC from Justin Jackson trying to shoot UNC right out of the gym, but had a scowl the whole game, thinking that Mason is/was/always-will-be a better player than Berry. And Josh Jackson > Justin Jackson, not even close. But the rest of the KU team got schemed masterfully by Dana Altman, who focused on Devonte (zero points), and Lucas got woefully exposed by a 6'7 "athlete".

Frank Mason truly the best PG Self has ever had, not just statistically. Sherron is a very close second. Mason had the few qualities that Tyshawn and EJ lacked.

While each season-ending March loss hurts, this time, after so many years of such things happening, I still really just hurt for Frank Mason, and the chance he never got. Love that kid, wish him the best in all he does.


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