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Kansas basketball lands commitment from 4-star Class of 2023 guard Jamari McDowell

This is wonderful news.

Bring on more recruits! Let's go the distance again with our hall of fame coach.

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NCAA votes to dissolve IARP path as part of infractions overhaul; IARP still expected to handle Kansas basketball case to completion

I know Brett McCabe is huge into projection. When he puts down others, which is about as often as most people take in a breath of air, he's really talking about himself.

His analysis is typically first-grade level with a chance of being accurate rate somewhere between slim and none.

That said, I can't figure out if he is just naturally an idiot or if he got messed up somehow through his upbringing or by drugs.

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Former KU assistant coach Joe Dooley returning to Kansas as Jayhawks' recruiting coordinator for 2022-23 basketball season

Dirk, don't worry about Rodney. Your analysis is almost always better than his. For Rodney, it's just another day, more negativity. At least reading his posts, more often than not,
results in good eye-rolling exercise.

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Four-star combo guard Chris Johnson to announce decision on Tuesday

Chris, in case you google news on Kansas basketball and see this, please come to Kansas. We'll love it. You'll love it. Remember what Jalen noted, "Who'd ever want to leave?".

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Kansas point guard Dajuan Harris Jr. not planning to alter approach even if his role in KU's offense increases

Can't imagine how high he would go in the NBA draft and how good KU would be if Harris kept his defense where it is and played as well as a healthy Remy Martin, the MOP through the first 4 games of the tourney.

The ncaa website has the last 3 minutes you can watch. As warranted, the announcers had really high praise for Remy.

Harris has so much potential, just needs more confidence and aggressiveness.

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Chancellor Douglas Girod says Kansas will 'land in a good place' as college athletics goes through another round of realignment

Brett is just upset that Doug is a lot more clued in than him. His truth is much closer to hitting the mark than Brett's.
Brett has an uncanny ability to demonstrate ignorance at every turn, it seems. Obviously.

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins sensational in bringing Golden State within 1 win of NBA title

This is just so wonderful. I am so happy for Wiggs to get this far.

Now, if we can get Embiid into the finals next year with a possibility at a shot for MVP.

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KU's Jalen Wilson heats up at G League Elite Camp scrimmage

Man, I wish Remy could have been healthy all year to step up another level the year prior when he won the Pac-12 POY. He was a on the watch list for best guard in the NCAA and projected Big 12 POY as well. He could have clearly accomplished those expectations if not for the chronic injury. No fluke that he won the POY for the NCAA tourney for games 1-4 or 2/3rds of our 6 tourney games. He was also the best player in the Big 12 tourney and won much of the last player ratings for once healthy at the end.

He has such a great attitude.

Does anyone know what Remy is planning on doing next year?

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Eyeing a jump to the NBA, Texas Tech's Kevin McCullar Jr. says he will play next season at KU or Gonzaga if he pulls out of the draft

His coming to KU would likely bump us up in the pre-season polls. This on top of having the 3rd highest recruiting class. Wow.

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Sunrise Christian duo puts Kansas basketball on list of finalists

I saw an article today that says people saying NIL would mean winners and losers is premature. The article was from last summer. The article was written way too early to see how all this unfolds. But seriously, as NIL proliferates over the next 10 years, how does the University of Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Iowa, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, etc. stand a chance to attract a player likely to make big bucks off NIL. In fact, you can easily see sponsoring companies (or billionaire fans who have influence over a given company) essentially buying a whole college starting team in a market where advertising dollars are huge. Or, at least the player thinks he might do well financially to leave his home area e.g. Fayetteville, Arkansas he might do so vs. what he would have done otherwise.

This Miami situation is just the start. This is going to be more and more of a sticky mess over time.

You can see Nike, automatically, giving $100K contracts to the top 5 players in the major schools they sponsor. That would be a drop in the bucket for the advertising value for them and the payoff to the players.

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