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Jayhawks’ effort called into question

Svi played 17 minutes because he was the only 3 man they had that was able to play good d and not turn the ball over. If 1 or 2 of his looks went down, this wouldn't even be talked about. Greene looked miserable out there missing shots and letting his man get to the bucket over and over again. Then Seldon had what 5-6 turnovers? Svi was the best option. Unfortunately much like everyone else that night, he missed 3 good looks. I thought his defense and effort were great though!

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Opinion: Point guard Marcus Smart shows KU what it's missing

Trevor Releford wasn't recruited. He didn't slip away! Elijah shouldn't be benched or any other crazy move you guys are saying! He had a bad game and has been too passive in regular game situations and tries to turn it off and on. If anything this will be a big learning experience for him and it will make if more hungry for March!

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Tyrel Reed named Lowe's Senior CLASS Award first team All-American

I can't believe he didn't win this. The only argument you can have is Jimmer was more of a stand out on the basketball court and doesn't sound like they are going much on that because Singler got 2nd team. Sound's like they just pick who they like to me. Good job Reed! It will be a long time until we will someone to impact our program the way you did!

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Bill Self press conference: March 29, 2011, pt. 1

Man SeaBee, maybe we should give you Self's job! All these fan that are saying that KU let them down make me sad to be a fan. Self is the most winning coach to the most winning program since he has been here. What about Roy? He never even won a single championship and had years where we weren't even a top 25 team. Now, we are consistently a title contender. Wanting to get ride of Self is like saying you should get ride of coach K or a Bob Stoops. Selfish fans make me sick! Be a fan to take pride in your team/school. Sounds to me like you kind of fans are long term band wagon jumpers. You can't change teams because KU wins too much but are quick to hate on them when they loose a game. I will count the days until the start of next season. Heck of a run! RCJH!!!

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Marcus Morris, Mario Little lift KU against Oklahoma State

I agree with Keegan actually! I've never been a big fan of taylor, but today showed why we need him. If he can keep the same mentality he has now off the bench, he will play with many less mistakes. EJ today, just looked like a guy that was afraid. I felt like the ball stuck a lot and he didn't do much for creating for others, penetrating, or hitting open shots. This is coming from a big EJ fan, but I have to report what I see. We definitely need him to be more active and aggressive to be affective. Tough win though! Rock Chalk!

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KU coach Bill Self (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

I know! I'd hate to have the most versatile players in the country playing for me too! I hate it when they go 22 and 17 with only taking a handful of shots! It's ridiculous! Cut them a little slack. Not saying that it is a good thing. But, everyone does things that they aren't particularly proud of or wishes they could take back and if you guys can't understand that, then you obviously haven't been a part of much competition. Again, not excusing... just saying...No one's perfect. You can bet it won't happen again! Don't be snobby fans!

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How Keegan voted: Jan. 3, 2011

Finally, It only took you 13 games to pick the hawks at least as high as everyone else! Still didn't give the big 12 any favoritism. I still wonder where the loyalty is....

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Selby is Kansas’ wild child

As much as I cuss Taylor and wish he didn't force the slop that he does. He isn't going anywhere. Self already said that Taylor will not be the one to sit out of the starting line up and he has proved that the last two games with Taylor playing 34 minutes one game and 29 the next even with his 10 turnovers. Last year he went to the bench after one or two bone head plays. This year it seems the more he screws up, the more Self wants him in there to figure out his game. I think Self is in it with Tyshawn. Good or bad!

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

Kentucky has us dominated with the all time streak of 124.

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Bill Self talks about 93-60 victory over North Texas (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

He can kick it up there as a long as it goes in for all I care!

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