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KU beats Cowboys to move to 3-0 in Big 12

I won't pile it on, all on Perry.But he can be frustrating at times to watch. Then again he may go for 20 Saturday night at Ames, you never know what he will do!
We won and that's all that matters, for now,next!

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Carlton Bragg headed to that Kansas

Sorry RC I don't argue with trolls but you are not a Kansas fan. So shut up!!!

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Carlton Bragg headed to that Kansas

I was talking about you RC

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Carlton Bragg headed to that Kansas

Fake! RC is not a Kansas fan.

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Carlton Bragg headed to that Kansas

To bad this fake is still on here!!!

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Jayhawks declaw No. 10 Golden Bears

A great win by the ladies, but now let's build on this one fantastic win and keep it going for the rest of of the year.

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Vitale judges Jayhawks

I tended to agree with some of you posting about Dickie V retiring a few years ago.But not as much now, I mean he does bring amazing passion to the game. He is a great person,even if you don't like some of what, he has to say sometimes during the game.
Dickie V is still better then most of the announcers, if you think about it on here.
Jay Bilis this year spends most of his air time blowing smoke,he's starting to sound like a UK announcer bad.
Brent is probably the worst and if he's paired with Fran together they are horrible in my opinion.

I guess I will still take Dickie V over some other options,or just mute the TV during the game.

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Reclamation project: Selden regains touch, leads rally

Hey I'm just glad we won!

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KU confirms hire of David Beaty as new football coach

I have a wait and see what happens attitude on the hire. I just pray that it works out and I'm also happy to hear that Clint Bowen and family are still part of the program.
My final thought on the hire. I hope it works, good luck! and welcome back David Beaty.

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