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Kansas safety Johnquai Lewis is 8th football player to transfer in 5 days

As you evaluate next season and the state of the team, read KU has the most returning starters out of any of the Big 12 teams. While many of the others are a production line with the next in training/development, this at least indicates an experience level that is being supplemented with a top-rated transfer class. Liepold is trying to do this right, with his type and quality of players. Having numbers doesn't mean you have the right personnel. Keeping my trust in an excellent coach and a proven history of building programs.

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Lawrence High linebacker Cole Mondi embracing challenge as walk-on for KU football

Welcome and the best of luck. From your profile, sounds like you have what so many with the natural born physical talents don't always possess...attitude, dedication, perseverance and work ethic. Will be watching for your emergence on the team and the field.

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Khalil Herbert no longer member of KU football program

While I don't like the way Khalil handled this, one must take time to view it from a "football is business" perspective. He was "hired" in to a business, worked in a difficult environment to deliver a high level of productivity, has an opportunity to move to another organization to potentially showcase his talents to further his career earnings. All is within the rules and commitments he had given and those provide by his company (school). For those who are graduates with working jobs, this is they way the game is played in corporate America, right? Khalil is a good football player. He has played behind a questionable OL for the past few years and turned out decent results. He showed his commitment, otherwise he wouldn't have been picked as a Captain nor been #1 or #2 on the depth charts. KU is improving but a winning season is unlikely and no bowl game. He has an opportunity to maybe get to a team where there is a solid OL and he can truly showcase his skills. If so, he can attempt to earn a living from playing football. While I would love to have seen him play out this year...or red shirt and play next year for KU, his decision is one we see more now in Football, and frequently in BBall and other sports. Welcome to the real world; it isn't always a good place but it is life.

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Former Jayhawk Aaron Miles joins Golden State Warriors' coaching staff

Would like to agree although professional coaching versus collegiate are very different, especially with the recruiting component. Would like to see him get his feet wet in the collegiate ranks first. Wishing him well and continued success

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Silvio De Sousa ruled ineligible through 2019-20 season

Article worth reading with comments from De Sousa's guardian.

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Kansas WRs coach Emmett Jones speaks 'truth' when recruiting

At this time, there are a few benefits, with the primary one being potential immediate playing time. At other schools, you may have to sit on the depth chart for two or three years. At KU, you have the chance to be in the line-up in your first or second season. Also, at another school, you may be #4 or #5 receiver, where at KU you could slide in to a higher spot/rotation. All about playing time, especially if you believe KU will improve and have an offense that can stay on the field.

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KU football has plenty of redshirt candidates from 2018 season

Thanks Brett. In looking at the individuals, only the five freshmen would potentially hold a spot in year four...and the risk would be minimal although still a risk to a class of 25. Three of those are OL and fifth year offensive linemen are highly valued.

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KU football has plenty of redshirt candidates from 2018 season

Based upon your earlier article "...will continue to lag in scholarship numbers" there doesn't appear to be any downside. The lack of playing time has already occurred so there isn't a hit next year. With normal attrition, transfers, unknowns, and the limit on 2019 scholarships, your article indicated it would be year four before KU may be able to get to 85. Is there some missing reason why one would not use the redshirt?

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

With the hiring of Les Miles, the top questions people will want to know are how many recruit slots are available for him to fill this year (how many did Beaty already fill through blue shirts, etc,)? Are there certain recruits/locations that he may tap or work to influence (who is on his board)? Potential assistant coaches? Will KU open up ($$) and support a more equivalent football staff similar to Big 12 peers and what Miles had at LSU? What the football team will look like after graduations/eligibility is finished this year (who returns, how many slots below max allowed scholarship players, risk of transfers, etc.). There is a long and bumpy path to bringing KU to a competitive level. Hiring Coach Miles was a good is just a start though. Wishing Coach Miles and KU success!

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