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Jayhawks used bye week to self-assess, prepare for Texas Tech

I feel the same way Bradly!

I think HCDB is a the right track and feel like if I don't support the players who work hard everyday to get better and more importantly improve their life potential by playing D-1 football... who will?

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Baylor has become the game to circle on Kansas football calendar

Again... AD Zenger and the University of Kansas hired HCDB with the expectation of 4-5 years minimum to get this program winning some football games. HCDB is here to stay... It would be insane to fire him and start over. He is laying a very solid foundation based on faith and hard-work. It will only be a matter of time before the W's will start piling up. Plus, HCDB played a lead role in getting the $300 million stadium renovations underway; the football program donors respect him.

The team had a goal of going to a bowl game this year (and I jumped on board, predicted 7-6) but obviously they will need to get things turned around in a hurry.

Don't think anyone predicted how bad our secondary was going to be and why we haven't made any adjustments to the QB's getting the ball out quick, double-teams and not letting Armstrong or Wise to get any pressure.

Rock Chalk and send article to 5 friends!!!!!

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football vs. SEMO

Great job with the keys Benton, I think you nailed them. Very excited to see Bender, Armstrong, JJ Holmes and Sims return punts (just pathetic last year).

Also, the starters on the OL is another area I'll be interested in seeing. But to Humpy's point we really won't get a good gauge of this team til possibly at Ohio but probably not til Big 12 play.

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Kansas football top 25 difference-makers: No. 1, DE Dorance Armstrong

Chris Farley, " Dorance you 'member that time when you stiff-armed that RB from Texas when..when you beat them for the first time since 1938?"

Stiff-Arm-strong, " um..yeah,"

Farley, "that was awesome!" Charlie Strong, " that was so stupid!!"

6 pm tomorrow, Rock Chalk!

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Kansas offensive line slowly growing in stature and experience

Texas Tech, even though we play them in October. And won't it be great when we beat the purple mild-kitties in what might be Coach Synder's last year!

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Notebook: Trio of Lawrence natives poised to start for KU football

Seriously, it's absolutely HCDB's right to not announce a starter, it's not goofy or unnecessary. This isn't about SEMO this is about ALL the Big 12 teams. Don't you think the coaches spend all summer preparing as much as possible for all their opponents? Not publicly naming a starter makes them all take longer to prepare.

The coaches and players know who is going to start, they are just well trained not to give any information away during interviews. Regardless how much fans don't like it, including myself, it's a great strategy and one that fits HCDB's EARN IT philosophy!

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Kansas football’s top 25 difference-makers: No. 4, QB Peyton Bender

My guess was him # 1 as well but I don't disagree... Armstrong is a legit first round draft pick that could possible win us some games by himself.

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Kansas football’s top 25 difference-makers: No. 4, QB Peyton Bender

I like David. I agree- 6 wins against teams not from Oklahoma plus a bowl game victory. And I really want us to beat KSU in what might be Coach Synder's last year.

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Kansas football’s top 25 difference-makers: No. 4, QB Peyton Bender

I has some "inside info" early on this summer from one of the players and he said that Bender can make some throws that he hasn't seen anyone else make since his time playing at KU... which isn't saying a lot so take that with a grain of salt.

I think Bender comes across from interviews, print and video, as a very confident young man and that's a must at the QB position. I don't know for sure but it seems like the players and coaches trust him. Let's hope he stays healthy.

And yes put me down for 7 wins this year! (Is anyone else brave enough to join me!?)

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Coaches encouraged by Kansas football team's growth

The RBs are going to surprise you, watch #25 Dom Williams in the first game, true freshman. Agree, unproven OL but they are more experienced and bigger so we are going to see a big time improvement in the offense plus having OCDM and an actual QB is going to make a tremendous difference! Correct again about the secondary but having legit first round talent at DL is going to help tremendously.

The coaches and players stated their goal of going bowling this year... so I'm jumping on the bandwagon! 7-6.

Ws- 6 wins against teams not from Oklahoma and I really, really, really want to beat the purple mild-kitties plus 1 from whoever we play in the bowl game = 7 !!!!!!!

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