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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

My comment was tongue in cheek. I know they won't do it, but I think they should. We were the undisputed Top Team of the regular season. Hate this happened any season, but particularly in a year when our team is so terrific. My heart particularly goes out to all the kids that have dreamed of playing in this tournament.

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

I guess the NCAA goes old school and Kansas is the default Men's Basketball Champions.

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

I'm not trying to make an excuse. We were beaten today and looked bad doing it. I'm just glad Dotson's injury appears to be something he can recover from without surgery.

Dotson wasn't at 100% and we need him at 100%. Today we probably would have lost regardless. Baylor was the better team and we looked out of synch most of the game. But Dotson wasn't Dotson and it seemed the game turned about the time he started limping.

We lost the battle - and it was a brutal loss - but with a healthy Dotson, we haven't lost the war.

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

For me, the story of the game was the return of Devon Dotson. With no real back up at the point, we are in big trouble without Devon. As long as he's healthy, the Jayhawks will be back. We're a good team, that met a team who today was playing much better. A hobbling Dotson made matters worse. I was impressed we were able to do as well as we did with him out. May he heal up quickly. We can't win the Big 12 without him.

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3 convicted of fraud in college basketball corruption trial

Joe - My take is different. I'd imagine everyone wants KU to have a clean program. I'd certainly trade a Final Four appearance for a "clean program". Yet, I think the issue is "innocent until proven guilty." At this point, all we know is that Self and Co. were friendly with Gatto (who was guilty). Friendly even in talking about the need to recruit top players isn't a crime or infraction. It seems unreasonable that any coach or program would be penalized for something they didn't participate in or were unaware of. It seems pretty clear by their actions that KU did not know about the payments to Preston and it has not been proven they knew anything about the payment to De Sousa or his guardian. Until it is proven, I do not feel KU should be penalized. Yet, I'm not so confident about De Sousa keeping his eligibility moving forward.

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Junior guard Sam Cunliffe leaving Kansas

Sam is an extraordinary athlete with a great attitude, who is too good to spend another season on the bench. You have to appreciate his positive comments and perspective. I hope he lands in the best place for him and makes the most of his last two years of eligibility. I think he's good enough to play professionally but if not he's going to getting plenty of good free education.

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Albany grad transfer and KU target Joe Cremo commits to Villanova

We might have a scholarship for Elijah Elliott.

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Bill Self ranked fourth in salary in college basketball

Holtmann's contract is also artificially inflated by the Bulter buyout. Self is really currently third.

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2018 point guard Devon Dotson commits to Kansas

Based on the article it look like we are in a good position for Zion Williamson as well. Quentin Grimes decision is probably next (2 guard) and Crystal Ball says KU is the favorite. If we sign Grimes this will arguably be the top recruiting class in KU history. Sign Grimes and Williamson and there will be no argument. The class would include a 5 star player at all 5 positions, the top player in the class and likely at least 3 McD AA's.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now I'm just thankful to have Devon Dotson coming to Lawrence. Huge pickup! Congratulation to young Mr. Dotson and the KU staff.

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Report: Mitchell Robinson leaning toward skipping 2017-18 season altogether

Thanks for the update Matt. It seems to me that Mitchell is listening to the wrong people. How can sitting out a year be nearly as helpful to his future as playing a year of college basketball, even if it's a year simply working out with the team and playing on the practice squad. Going against Dok day after day would certainly make him a better player.

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